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Visual Art and ICT

Posted By: Suzy Darlink on November 5, 2003
How do members view the integration of Visual Art and ICT or more specifically computers in a practical application as opposed to research?

How have you integrated these two areas that excited both yourselves and your students?

Which software programmes have you found to be very worthwhile for collaborative work with reference to art based activities?

For what age group would you recommend these programmes?

What competence or interest do you think Art teachers have in ICT.Why?


Suzy Reid
(Not involved in research just very interested)
ps. Just wondering why it looks as though the last discussion was in 2002!! Surely we have more people interested in discussions in the Visual Art areas and new initiatives. Dont we?
Hoping someone joins me before its 2004 or worse 2005!
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 Visual Art and ICT by Suzy Darlink on November 5, 2003
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