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MA in Information and Communication Technology in Education

Posted By: Emily Young on September 4, 2003
Hello Vaughan!

Thanks for your communication re above. What aspect of research did you work on?

I have been advised to use an ICT approach involving a team teaching approach consisting of three other teachers and myself (two IT teachers, one art and one english teacher).

The suggested route I have been given is to monitor the new first year adult class for two weeks and to write down what what we are teaching for each class and get the comments of the students as well as to observe their progress. The diaries are then checked by me and in consultation with the other teachers we identify an area of difficulty the students are encountering and implement an ICT project to solve this. This completes the first cycle.

The second cycle is to implement the project for one week only, keep the diaries again and assess progress or lack of progress. Then write up findings, recommendations and conclusions. Finally submitting total thesis by end February 04. All this will be happening from mid September. Wish me luck!!!

I would like to hear what aspect you worked on and what results you obtained.

Thanks for writing to me.

Best wishes,

Emily Young

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 MA in Information and Communication Technology in Education by Emily Young on July 2, 2003
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