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Action research is a dog's leash.

Posted By: Kathleen M. Pierce on June 25, 2003
Action research is a dog's leash. Just as my dog anxiously invites me for a walk outside the house, an idea in the field invites my attention. Consciously and deliberately, I hook my dog's collar to his leash in the same way that I embark on action research. I head to the front door with my hand guiding the leash but with my dog leading the way. Once the research process begins, the process leads. The research guides the exploration, but it does not direct or force the exploration. In order to honor everyone involved in the research, it is important to allow the research to make its own paths. Data, feedback, and findings make me meander, but eventually they suggest the action(s) to take. After sufficient exploration, I rein the process in to determine how or if what I have learned from the field indicates appropriate action.
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