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Posted By: heinz metzen on June 23, 2003
action research ist the worst name for the best social science, because action is individualistic (interactionist) and linear-causalistic.
actin research instead is developmental and systemic: you are in the expedition, serve it and are carried by it.
what sounds paradox with this comes from our old (geometrique) time-space-paradigm-speking-thinking.
in developmental (engineering) research their are different paralleled timelines which are sometime the lok and sometimes the waggon (jouney-metapher). the engine driver, better the expedition leader is sometimes the leader, than the cartographer, and the other time the track worker.
that is easy to handle but difficult to descibe, therefore its best to use a metaphor
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  Metaphors for Action Research- Al-Karim Datoo by Al-Karim Datoo on May 22, 2003
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