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Posted By: Deborah Harrell on June 20, 2003
If persons in this country feel that persons of diverse cultural heritate are to be "shunned" in some way, they are part of the problem not the solution. Action Research is an action agenda. In todays times, action speaks to the pulse of the the nation of the United States of America under the Bush Adminstration. We are doing our best with the best of what we have! From what we have learned! Larry King is a good resource on CNN. But America will never forget 911. We do not hate the culture; we are just trying and struggling to try to understand you! We are in the land of the free! We do not get the vibe of the issue or mission! We are a very bright people and very understanding people in America. Help us to understand your culture.

Ms. Debbie Harrell-Hogan
Berne International University
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  Metaphors for Action Research- Al-Karim Datoo by Al-Karim Datoo on May 22, 2003
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