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A metaphor for AR

Posted By: Pam Smith on June 18, 2003
I see Action Research as fly fishing. I know what I want to accomplish (catching the fish) and I know the river where I'm going fishing ( my classroom or school). I know what flies I have in my tackle box and how to tie new ones. First I must read the river: What natural baits are present, what is the water like, how much wind, what's the temperature. Then I must choose a "fly" to catch the fish. I pull line from my reel and begin the casting process. Back and forth I send my fly to finally allow it to settle on the water. I can gauge the result of my cast by how many strikes I get or fish I land. If no fish strike my fly I must have a new plan. I read the conditions again and choose a new fly. Then I start the cast again.

This metaphor is based on The Dialectic Action Research Spiral found in Action Research: A Guide for the Teacher Researcher 2nd edition by Geoffrey E. Mills.

Pamela L. Smith
Doctoral Student
University of North Florida
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