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Informed Dialogue

Posted By: F. Henry Healey on May 23, 2003
Well, one person's dialogue is anothers monologue. The key in our work (international educaiton development) is to make sure (to the extent possible) that the discussion is informed in terms of both, good data/information and multiple perspectives; and that the political-economic playing field be as level as possible. Senge does well in the private sector and his book has been "translated" for schools in the US, but the education reform arena anywhere in the world is a rats nest and dialogue as he sees it simply won't get you anywhere.

I'm heading off to Pakistan for a 3 week trip in about 2 hours. If you email me (fhh@rti.org) around June 18 and ask for some references then, I'll look around.


F. Henry (Hank) Healey, Ph.D.
Senior Education Scientist
Center for International Development
Research Triangle Institute

Visiting Lecturer
Terry Sanford Institute of Public Policy
Duke University
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