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The learning organization

Posted By: Ross Messer on May 22, 2003
Thank you for your very thoughtful response. I will check out the sources you cited, but more importantly, I appreciate your discussion of the learning org. and organizational learning.
I am looking at this subject from the perspective of student leadership development, i.e., what skills students need to help transform traditional orgs. into learning orgs.
One of my concerns is that the discussion of the learning org. is "ivory tower." I'm wondering what really goes on in business and the non-profits. For ex., it's nice to say that we need to empower people, but are we really empowering them or manipulating them? Also, it's easy to say that we need more time for reflection, but in our fast-paced society, is this feasible? As one of my profs said, "Are we going to set aside 3:00-3:30 for 'dream time?'" "Are we going to have in-service training on 'how to dream'?" Those of us in education (I'm a retired teacher) know where this can lead.
Good luck with your dissertation.
Ross A. Messer
Gonzaga University
Spokane, WA
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 The learning organization by Ross Messer on May 15, 2003
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