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What transcends transformational or other leadership?

Posted By: Rene' Jansen on March 5, 2001
Having read a number of management books I began to realize there were obviously a few underlying themes that transcended what sometimes seemed like conflicting theories. There are underlying consistencies that seem applicable to all theories even where they often don't recognize or observe this openly. The many books and articles suggest to me that different theories therefore reflect different personal skills, situations, leaders, and environments. What do they have in common? Are there common underlying themes or components to all the perspectives on leadership? It seems to me there are. If one has an interest in the diverse and extensive leadership perspectives in education where is a good place to start? Is there a good starting point that someone can suggest? Is there a good literature overview on leadership in education that one would recommend? I would appreciate soome ideas and recommendations on these particular thoughts. Thanks
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 What transcends transformational or other leadership? by Rene' Jansen on March 5, 2001
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