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You can see our URL:http://www.grade.org.pe/gtee-preal/

Posted By: claudia mc lauchlan on February 13, 2002
The Working Group on Standards and Evaluation of PREAL and GRADE (Grupo de Trabajo sobre Estándares y Evaluación del PREAL y GRADE) is a regional network of specialists and non-specialistic dedicated colaboratelly to understand the most important questions related to those issues, to spread and criticize new ideas and to generate recommendations of policies and practices at regional, national or local level. The GTEE-PREAL began to constitute by the end of 1998.

In the educational standards area the group looks for showing how they can be used to improve education, as well as to provide social leaders from different sectors, in addition to a the traditional actors of the education, with updated information on how standards are defined and established and their expected impact. In the evaluation systems area, that already exist in most countries of Latin America, the challenge consists of identifying and proposing ways to surpass the limitations of the present systems and insisting to take advantage of the substantial or available information, mobilizing important groups of social actors.

The Link to our page Web is: http://www.grade.org.pe/gtee-preal/gteepreal.htm

Best regards,

Claudia Mc Lauchlan
Correo/mail: Apartado 18-0572
Lima 18, Perú
or: PB No. 471
PO Box 52-6350
Miami, Fl 33152-6350
Tl.: (51-1) 264 1780
Fax: (51-1) 264 1882
email: cmclauchlan@grade.org.pe
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 Standard-base Reform and dropout rates by Ronda Adams on January 29, 2002
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