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Posted By: Deborah Harrell on September 17, 2003
These are Chicago Journalism language terms like literary terms in English, used in the industry of real newspapers like the Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, New York Times, and Palm Beach Post to name a few? In Chicago, we call the Hyde Park paper, "The Reader" newspaper a RAG. It means not mainstream news but where the pulses of the people are talking “speak easy” style.

When some student's think that the ideas of a teacher in English or Journalism are just merely "idea givers" and not expertise, in effect you are stealing the ideas of an instructor, or “raping” the instructors’ thoughts and discarding them as old or unconventional within a given generation. Depriving the instructor of dignity and respect for professionalism and volunteer time with a real newspaper, that directly reflects on the campus of a University or Institution is like giving a group of loose cannons a career license for an Annual Report for his or her job.

I published a high school Newsletter in four weeks for a gifted program called, "Upward Bound" in Missouri. Not once, did one student(s) refuse to not take an assignment, do the research, qualify sources, cite evidence and meet my approval with the Director of the Trio funded Program in Missouri. Trio is federally funded.

To criticize an instructor is (where I come from) debauchery and anarchy of publishing Rights under the extreme auspicious of a University. This is the nature of a copyright, a legal binding seal that speaks directly to the publisher which in this case is the University or Community College. There is libel & slander which are both legal offenses that can break a University in half. This practice is not foreign to Illinois, Nevada, Florida, or any state inclusive of the Ministries of the West Indies. I am a Journalism Major that teaches not a teacher who teaches Journalism. I minored in Education. Yet I am certified as an educator K-12 in all subject areas of curriculum instruction and a member of ASCD. Thus, to deface a teacher and their ideas are disallowed. It is an excuse not to listen to professional professors. Do I sound too old?

Dr. Deborah B. A. Harrell
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