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Anarchy vs Brainwashed for Hairspray!

Posted By: Deborah Harrell on September 17, 2003
These new generations of students socially promoted by Mommy and Daddy to get those seats in your classroom with the A+ program, a community college program(s) that allows students with perfect attendance to get two years of free community college, (minority students are not told about this program in many high schools in America...check the numbers) are a shameful embarrassment to a Journalism Major from Columbia College. If you cannot respect the generation and wisdom of your elders then you are not learning anything! This is a philosophical fact founded by Homer, Aristotle, Socrates, and Virgil or any writer of previous generation and our present time. It really doesn't matter if it's Eugene O'Neill, Ben Franklin (Time, July 2003 cover)or Maggie Stewart.

You don't get a degree from not working and turning in homework. You don't learn without grasping new ideas and critically thinking them through a taxonomy. I would flunk them so fast, their heads would be spinning around like Linda Blair in the Exorcist begging for the Provost to fire me!

Opinions are just that! Opinions without substantiating factors or citings are an outrage to the Journalism profession and journalistic intergrity. Journalism is not a band review or jive talk, but a clear concise understanding in how and why one feels a certain way based upon history, science, math, and so many subjects I dare not name. I hear and feel your optimism and proverbial "rape" in the Engish Department because I was an English High School Teacher. To dare to embarrass a University with a obvious political agenda is a mere joke on them.

Now, I have a doctorate in Educational Leadership & Policy and still have High School students who think they can judge me for lifestyle or privacy; Friends who think that application acceptance for fellowships in your forties is a definate denial and public persons who fee my family owes them for our birth during the Civil Rights Movement. And I flunk a lot of students I can not teach and tell them to take their "F" like a man or woman. You earned it so you take it. Journalism without a proofreader or deadline. Just breathe!

I say to them, you walk it - you talk it and you break it and you bought the farm. No money, take a bill is my Missouri perspective. You won't graduate without paying it. So Mommy and Daddy can buy that rag they are selling and put price tag on it for private consumption! That should work! Limit distribution, circulation and make their parents buy it!

Take care,
Deborah B. A. Harrell
Educational Leadership & Policy
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 Anarchy vs Brainwashed for Hairspray! by Deborah Harrell on September 17, 2003
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