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Teacher Beliefs

Posted By: Patrick Faverty on November 9, 2000
It is the individual teacher belief system that influences, if not controls, the results in the teacher-student relationship. We must all look at our beliefs as we use words to "define" our students. Are "urban" students "less able" than "suburban" students. Can "all students succeed?" Are all adolescents "squirrely?"
Each of us is a compilation of experiences and the ensuing beliefs they generate. To be effective educators, we would do well to use a similar approach with our students as counselors do their clients. We need to keep supporting (cajoling, reminding, asking) the students' process until they get it. With our help, each child can find the answer for their own success. As the teachers at Granite did, we must have a belief system that appreciates the fact that we are responsible until the students can be. Once we have a shared belief, then we can figure out structure and method to play it out (form should always follow function).
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 Shifting Teacher Beliefs by Grace Stanford on November 6, 2000
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