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no excuses

Posted By: steve hoelscher on November 8, 2000
In order to both change structural arrangements and instructional strategies the staff needs to see the need to change. Taking a no excuse approach to learning drives the need to look at what is happening in the school to support learning and also what the staff is doing in the classroom to impact student learning. An example, if you require all students to reach quality, then the assignment needs to be quality---is a word search quality? I don't think so, the staff needs to understand Bloom's taxonomy and therefore the assignment or summative assessment need to reflect the quality of reaching the highest level of Bloom's. If you want all students to reach quality---do you as a teacher need to understand mastery learning and cooperative learning strategies---yes I think so.

If you believe that all students can learn given enough time and support then do you chane the structural way you behave. Granite school did teaming not because it was a way to have another planning time but it was a strategy to give the support to students to achieve.

What comes first? The structure and strategies or the expectations?
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