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metaphors for action research

Posted By: Sharon Andersen on June 20, 2003
I see it as a dance - because the rhythm and direction may vary, there may be some repetition of steps, the dancers (as a group) may follow their own desires for body expressiveness, and because it tells an evolving tale which can have an end, or can be renewed and modified by the dancers.

I see it as voices in the wilderness - because those who we most need to listen to, yet are often ignored, have opportunities for empowerment - to make choices and to be heard (hopefully) by privileged groups through the stories of those rendered invisible in society. The voice in the societal wilderness is the participants power to choose their course.

Thanks for asking for metaphors

Sharon Andersen
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  Metaphors for Action Research- Al-Karim Datoo by Al-Karim Datoo on May 22, 2003
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