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by Per Stensland 1954
In our public education system it is important to remember that the public character of the classroom or the seminar or the reading library puts certain demands on education. At times we forget that the student in our classroom is a member of the public, present or future. Since that is the ease, our teaching needs to focus, at times more specifically than we care to have it, on the public problems outside the classroom walls.

by Edgar Dale 1954
The diagnosis of some of the ills of our system of mass communication has been well done. Report after report has been published concerning the press, the film, and broadcasting. We now know many of the deficiencies of these media. But therapy has been neglected. Some solutions are suggested in the foregoing chapters. Thus, we can try to guard against monopoly in news-gathering or distribution. We can encourage competition among the media. We can encourage improvement in the quality of the product. We can work for more social responsibility among owners, publishers, directors, and stockholders. But we can do more.

by R. Blakely 1954
This volume is written for citizens who are educators. Its chapters drive home the points that educators must reckon with and employ the mass media and that, to do so, they must understand the mass media. The authors of the preceding chapters give basic analyses and information to aid understanding. This chapter is written for educators who are citizens.

by Floyde Brooker 1949
It is the purpose of this chapter to study the problem of communication as a social institution, to describe briefly its historical background, to trace the development of pictorial forms of communication, and then to consider the implications for education of some aspects of the developing crisis in communication.

by William Longyear 1941
Printing and publishing include particularly the book and magazine field. Their function in commercial art has been discussed in the previous chapter. The creative, artistic aspects, rather than the material side of publishing, will be presented here.

by Alfred Morton 1941
Before our eyes a new miracle in mass communication is taking shape. Television, long heralded and much publicized, has made its debut in America, thus marking the beginning of the second phase of an invention in which many million of dollars and more than a decade's intense labor by hundreds of scientists and practical engineers have been invested.

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