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by Douglas Sloan — 1984

by Hubert Dreyfus & Stuart Dreyfus — 1984
No one doubts that computers will play a rapidly increasing role in education. And almost no one doubts that this will be a great boon for students and teachers. But this rush to computerize the classroom has bypassed the basic question: In what areas can computers help and in what areas could the use of computers prove counterproductive? Just what is the proper place of computers in education?

by Robert Sardello — 1984
The author discusses computers and the promised revolution in education attendant on the arrival of a promised computer culture. The author wants to expose the utopian fantasies inherent in all talk of computers revolutionizing education and is firmly opposed to the introduction of the computer as a technological device oriented toward changing the very tradition of education.

by Joseph Menosky — 1984
This article explores how and why the American news media has propagated the belief that computer literacy warrants inclusion in the national educational curriculum.

by William Burns — 1950
This project presents a plan for developing and establishing an experimental program of correspondence education in the American Museum of Natural History.

by Sidney Mitchell — 1940
This article will consider briefly some of the legitimate ways in which supervised correspondence study may be used.

by H. Wooden & Paul Mort — 1929
There has been no study that has brought out the inadequacy of the small high school more clearly than the study made by Dr. John Rufi[1] of certain high schools in Pennsylvania.

by Billie Gastic & Daniel Konecky — 2016
In this commentary, we share what we learned from the experience of having our massive open online course (MOOC) made into a blended course by learners across the globe.

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