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by Andy Hargreaves - 2001
This paper draws on extended interviews with 53 elementary and secondary teachers in Ontario, Canada concerning the emotional aspects of their work, to develop a new conceptual framework of emotional geographies of teaching.

by Emiliana Vegas, Richard Murnane & John Willett - 2001
This article examines the impact of race, ethnicity and academic skills on the probability that high school students succeed in each of the various steps of the path into teaching.

by Heinrich Mintrop - 2001
The article analyzes a teacher education program that centered around a constructivist teaching model, “Fostering Community of Learners.” The author shows how three distinct program iterations over a three-year project grappled with the fusing of inspiration, reasoning, skill development, and design work.

by Brian White - 2001
A look at different approaches to resistant learners

by Sharon Feiman-Nemser - 2001
This paper proposes a framework for thinking about teacher learning over time starting with initial teacher preparation and continuing through the early years of teaching.

by June Gordon - 2000
Asian American undergraduates work as student researchers within their respective communities to uncover the resistance to selecting teaching as a career. Traditional preconceptions of the role of teaching emerge as the crucial factor.

by Linda Darling-Hammond - 2000
The author responds to Dale Ballou and Michael Podgursky's critique of What Matters Most, the report of the National Commission on Teaching and America's Future, and details the research support for the National Commission's recommendations.

by Sara Freedman - 2000
The author considers how grantseeking among urban public school teachers has introduced selected teachers to the central tenets of the privatization movement while simultaneously excluding teachers of color and those whose native language is not English.

by Dale Ballou & Michael Podgursky - 2000
The authors challenge the conclusions of the National Commission for Teaching and America’s Future and argue that the research literature offers far less support for the Commission’s recommendations than is claimed.

by Susan Stodolsky & Pamela Grossman - 2000
This article examines individual characteristics and the high school departments of teachers who do or do not adapt instruction for a diverse student body.

by Robert Burroughs, Tammy Schwartz & Martha Hendricks-Lee - 2000
Using interviews and qualitative methods, this article examines the rhetorical difficulties that candidates experience in applying for National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) certification.

by Diane Silva, Belinda Gimbert & James Nolan - 2000
This interview study presents the stories of three teacher leaders, provides a definition of teacher leadership from the classroom, illustrates the experiences of a new wave of teacher leaders, and examines the barriers that impact their work.

by Dale Ballou & Michael Podgursky - 2000
The authors respond to criticism by Linda Darling-Hammond of their previous article that challenges the conclusions of the National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future.

by Lamont Flowers - 2000

by Olaf Jorgenson - 2000
Strategies for attracting more minority teachers for the public schools

by R. Solomon - 2000
This article examines preservice teacher education and the benefits and challenges of cross-race dyad partnerships in field-based practica.

by Arnetha Ball - 2000
The author conducted research over a three-year period to investigate the discourse patterns of three African American female teachers in community-based organizations and provides insights on successful pedagogies that might inform teaching practices within more traditional school settings.

by Jennifer Obidah - 2000
In examining the challenges of teaching multicultural education, the author critiques some of the underlying assumptions of the discipline and advocates for this type of critical reflection by multicultural educators.

by Barbara Wallace - 2000
This article advocates multicultural training at graduate schools of education to prepare educators to work effectively within our increasingly diverse society.

by Anne Meis Knupfer - 1999
This article follows the rise of the visiting teacher movement and considers the lessons for current efforts to develop school-linked social services.

by David Grissmer & Sheila Kirby - 1997
Draws on recent data from surveys and research conducted by the U.S. Department of Education to sketch the outline of the approaching changes in the teacher labor market and to comment on the issue of teacher quality.

by Vito Perrone - 1997
This article is essentially an autobiographical reflection on forty years of teaching. It makes use of various accounts of schooling and teacher education practice, placing against them some of my experience and questions.

by Andrew Gitlin - 1996
The central thesis of this article is that professionalization projects, such as those endorsed by normal schools and schools of education, contributed to vertical and horizontal divisions of labor by constructing differing views of professionalization, which became associated with and gave institutional support to gendered assumptions about women and teaching in general.

by National (NCTAF) - 2000
A blueprint for recruiting, preparing, and supporting excellent teachers in all of America’s schools.

by John Ross - 1995
This article reviews research on teacher efficacy, concluding that teachers who believe they are effective set more challenging goals for themselves and their students, take responsibility for student outcomes, and persist when faced with obstacles to learning. The article suggests that efforts to improve schools should include attention to teacher efficacy.

by Pamela Simpson & Jim Garrison - 1995
Understanding the unique needs and aspirations of individual students

by Michael Fultz - 1995
The intent of this article is twofold: (1) to analyze data on demographic trends in the growth of the African-American teaching force in the South from 1890-1940, highlighting, in particular, the significant feminization of the black teaching corps that took place over this period; and (2) to investigate the complex topic of discriminatory salaries for African-American teachers, and to illuminate the African-American perspective on the interrelated issues involved.

by Ellen Lagemann - 1993
Obviously, we have changed the demands we place on teachers, although we have not yet sufficiently changed the circumstances in which teachers work. In addition, we have barely begun to reinvent the teacher's role, which is sadly out of date and in need of fundamental rethinking and redesign.

by Lynda Stone - 1993
This article offers the insight that contingency is a significant conceptual framework from which to think about teaching and from which to further educate, both for teaching research and for its related practice. The author works from two premises: first, that the constancies of teaching and their foundation in modernity are just no longer theoretically interesting; and second, that what is interesting is a postmodern turn.

by Patricia Anders & Virginia Richardson - 1992

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  • Teacher Quality
    Overall, the chapters in this edited volume provide the reader with a portrait of a good teacher and good teaching methods and encourage districts to set high standards for teachers, to develop strong accountability systems for measuring performance, to reward those who perform and frown on those who do not.
  • Innovations in Education and Teaching International
    The content of IETI includes a range of perspectives, and important contributions on new developments in educational technology.
  • Center for the Study of Teaching and Policy
    CTP is one of 12 national research centers funded by the Department of Education. It functions as a consortium, drawing together researchers from five universities—Teachers College/Columbia, Stanford University, the University of Michigan, the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Washington (lead institution). CTP tracks the enactment and effects of policies aimed at the improvement of teaching in various contexts and at multiple levels of the system, identifying ways these policies support, stimulate, impede, or otherwise affect the quality of teaching and learning in U.S. elementary and secondary schools.
  • Improving Teacher Evaluation to Improve Teaching Quality
    Reforming teacher evaluation holds promise as a strategy to improve instruction and raise student achievement.
  • Oxford Review of Education
    The object of the Oxford Review of Education is to advance the study of education. It especially wishes to promote the elaboration and evaluation of a body of speculative and empirical theory, the development of which might improve educational practice.
  • The Consortium for Policy Research in Education
    The Consortium for Policy Research in Education (CPRE) unites researchers from five of the nation's leading universities to improve elementary and secondary education through research on policy, finance, school reform, and school governance.
  • Testing Teacher Candidates: The Role of Licensure Tests in Improving Teacher Quality
    Examines the appropriateness and technical quality of teacher licensure tests currently in use, evaluates the merits of using licensure test results to hold states and institutions of higher education accountable for the quality of teacher preparation and licensure, and suggests alternatives for developing and assessing beginning teacher competence.
  • Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education
    The Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education is an international medium for educators with an interest in the pre-service and continuing education of teachers.
  • The National Center for Restructuring Education, Schools, and Teaching
    NCREST, established at Teachers College in 1990, supports restructuring efforts by documenting successful initiatives, creating reform networks to share new research findings with practitioners, and linking policy to practice.
  • Teacher Test Accountability: From Alabama to Massachusetts
    The purpose of this article is to highlight some of the psychometric results reported by National Evaluation Systems (NES) in their 1999 Massachusetts Educator Certification Test (MECT) Technical Report, and more specifically, to identify those technical characteristics of the MECT that are inconsistent with the Standards. A second purpose of this article is to call for the establishment of a standing test auditing organization with investigation and sanctioning power.
  • Phi Delta Kappan
    The Phi Delta Kappan publishes articles concerned with educational research, service, and leadership; issues, trends, and policy are emphasized.
  • National Education Association
    NEA is America's oldest and largest organization committed to advancing the cause of public education.
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