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by Ronald Byrnes — 2012
Most efforts to improve schooling in the United States have limited impact because opinion leaders’ repeated appeals to global economic competitiveness and national greatness don't inspire teachers and students. Educators and citizens need to challenge narrow utilitarian assumptions about the purposes of schooling and instead frame teaching as a profoundly challenging, rewarding, and important form of community service.

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by Petros Pashiardis & Olof Johansson (Eds.)
reviwed by Susan Elliott-Johns — 2018

by Alexandre J. S. Morin, Christophe Maïano, Danielle Tracey, & Rhonda G. Craven (Eds.)
reviwed by Rebecca Wylie & Sara Flory — 2018

by Lorenza Antonucci
reviwed by Terhi-Anna Wilska — 2018

by David Landis & Sapargul Mirseitova
reviwed by Karon LeCompte — 2017

by Bruce Bradbury, Miles Corak, Jane Waldfogel, and Elizabeth Washbrook
reviwed by Erin Coghlan & Rick Mintrop — 2016

by Patricia K. Kubow and Allison H. Blosser (Eds.)
reviwed by Min Yu & Christopher Crowley — 2016

by Linda Darling-Hammond, Robert Rothman
reviwed by Kelly Demers — 2016

by Claire McGlynn, Michalinos Zembylas, & Zvi Bekerman (Eds)
reviwed by Jeff Aguiar — 2014

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  • European Journal of Intercultural Studies
    European Journal of Intercultural Studies is a network of educational professionals, which aims at the development and implementation of intercultrual education.
  • Oxford Studies in Comparative Education
    Oxford Studies in Comparative Education, first published in 1991, devotes each of its two annual issues to a specific topic, and has its editorial base within the new Centre for Comparative Studies in Education, at the Department of Educational Studies of the University of Oxford.
  • Chinese Education and Society
    Chinese Education and Society offers unabridged translations of articles from Chinese journals, newspapers, and collections of articles published in book form. The aim of the journal is to present the more important Chinese studies in this field in the light of the interest of those who are professionally concerned with it.
  • Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research
    The Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research is an international refereed journal focusing on central ideas and themes in educational thinking and research. The journal welcomes reports on philosophical, historical, comparative, experimental and survey studies and has no preferences - except quality - concerning the authors' choices of methodological perspectives.
  • International Journal of Educational Research including Learning and Instruction (Combined Subscription)
    Education, as a central institution in modern societies, has contributed much to human welfare. These contributions include intellectual, social and economic development as well as the enlargement of knowledge and an increased understanding of culture. Educators, policy makers, and researchers in every country can benefit from the most significant investigations conducted in a variety of countries throughout the world. The purpose of this journal is to make such investigations more widely available.
  • Compare: A Journal of Comparative Education
    Compare: A journal of comparative education seeks to serve the needs of teachers and research workers in comparative and international education and related areas of study.
  • Contents Pages in Education
    Contents Pages in Education is a computer-based, international current awareness service that shows the contents pages of over 700 of the world's education journals. Contents pages are arranged alphabetically by journal title and reset to a standardised and easy-to-read format.
  • European Journal of Teacher Education
    The European Journal of Teacher Education (EJTE) provides a forum for the examination of policies, theories and practices related to the education and training of teachers at pre-service and in-service levels in the countries of Europe.
  • Intercultural Education
    Intercultural Education is a global forum for the analysis of issues dealing with education in plural societies.
  • Journal of Intercultural Studies
    Journal of Intercultural Studies provides a means whereby international research related to intercultural studies can be showcased across national and disciplinary boundaries. It allows scholars to reflect on and debate their work as it intersects with understandings, as these develop out of a range of varied traditions and contexts.
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