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by Stacey Blackman & Dennis Conrad (Eds.)
reviwed by Patriann Smith — 2019

by Hani Morgan
reviwed by Lou Sabina — 2019

by Petros Pashiardis & Olof Johansson (Eds.)
reviwed by Susan Elliott-Johns — 2018

by Alexandre J. S. Morin, Christophe Maïano, Danielle Tracey, & Rhonda G. Craven (Eds.)
reviwed by Rebecca Wylie & Sara Flory — 2018

by Lorenza Antonucci
reviwed by Terhi-Anna Wilska — 2018

by David Landis & Sapargul Mirseitova
reviwed by Karon LeCompte — 2017

by Bruce Bradbury, Miles Corak, Jane Waldfogel, and Elizabeth Washbrook
reviwed by Erin Coghlan & Rick Mintrop — 2016

by Patricia K. Kubow and Allison H. Blosser (Eds.)
reviwed by Min Yu & Christopher Crowley — 2016

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  • Common Trends of Standardisation, Accountability, Devolution and Choice in the Educational Policies of England, U.K., California, U.S.A., and Ontario, Canada
    Through a comparative analysis of educational reforms and trends in England, UK, California, USA, and Ontario, Canada striking similarities among the three systems emerge.
  • Comparative Education Review
    Comparative Education Review investigates education throughout the world and the social, economic, and political forces that shape it. Founded in 1957 to advance knowledge and teching in comparative education studies, the Review has since established itself as the most reliable source for the analysis of the place of education in countries other than the United States.
  • The Education Forum
    The Education Forum has been formed to contribute to education policy through research and debate on the current issues, structures and expectations at all levels of New Zealand education.
  • International Education Electronic Journal (IE-ej)
    International Education Electronic Journal (IE-ej) is the official journal of the Centre for Research in International Education, published under the guidance of an international advisory board. Articles published in International Education-ej are peer reviewed by members of the editorial committee.
  • The International Bureau of Education (IBE)
    The International Bureau of Education is a UNESCO centre for the content of education.
  • Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research
    The Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research is an international refereed journal focusing on central ideas and themes in educational thinking and research.
  • The Comparative and International Education Society (CIES)
    The Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) is an organization of scholars, teachers and practitioners of comparative and international education founded in 1956 to advance knowledge and teaching in this field.
  • Comparative Education
    Comparative Education especially considers the implications of comparative studies for the formation and implementation of policies-not only in education but in social, national and international development. Thus, it welcomes contributions from associated disciplines in the fields of government, management, sociology-and indeed technology and communications as these affect educational policy decisions.
  • Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education and Development
    The Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education and Development (APJTED) is an international refereed journal dedicated to theory development, empirical research, policy formulation, and practical improvement in teacher education, staff development, and teaching. It is published biannually with articles in English or Chinese.
  • Current Issues in Comparative Education (CICE)
    Current Issues in Comparative Education (CICE) is an international on-line journal based at Teachers College, Columbia University that publishes scholarly work from a variety of academic disciplines.
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