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by Megan Holland — 2015
This article examines how students negotiate the “college-for-all” norm in two diverse, high-achieving high schools. The findings indicate that in these contexts, the norm was interpreted as “four-year college-for-all,” leading to the development of a stigma surrounding two-year community college attendance.

by Christy Galletta Horner, Tanner LeBaron Wallace & Matthew Bundick — 2015
This study explores youths’ perspectives on school-based emotional expression, emotional suppression, and emotion coaching in urban high schools.

by Kate Phillippo — 2010
This article summarizes research, conducted in three small high schools, on teachers’ conceptualization and enactment of the advisor role. Implications for advisory work in small high schools, teachers assuming social-emotional support roles, and role complexity are discussed.

by Carola Suarez-Orozco , Allyson Pimentel & Margary Martin — 2009
The role of relationships in mediating immigrant newcomers’ academic engagement and performance is examined using a mixed-methods approach.

by Melinda Krei & James Rosenbaum — 2001
The authors examine the career and college advice that high school counselors and vocational teachers give to the forgotten half and make suggestions about how schools can better assist in postsecondary planning for workbound students.

by Thomas Evans — 2000
Drawing on four case studies, the author considers the activities of mentors that help the students they guide become more prepared for schooling and careers.

by David Abramson — 1972
Study compared subject requirements for college admission with those for ongoing study in the corresponding subjects reflected in the college liberal arts program''; author concludes that colleges have arbitrarily determined high school curriculum, and urges reform.

by Kaoru Yamamoto — 1972
This article discusses the importance of the development and change in philosophy of teacher preparation programs.

by Philip Barwell — 1972
In 1965, the Department of Education and Science eliminated the Tripartite System where the grammar school was favored, the secondary modern school ignored and technical schools never materialized. The system was reorganized so that individuals were not penalized because of social background and everyone's potential could be fully developed.

by Douglas Sloan — 1971
The current "crisis in American higher education" has been lamented by many and cheered on by others. There are those who hope and those who fear that current events portend the passing of the university as we have known it. Explanations and diagnoses of what is actually taking place, how­ever, are more than a little confusing.

by Patty Wirth — 1970
The author's ambivalence toward the school and "the system" is not uncharacteristic of the conflict experienced by so many of today's students; and our purpose in presenting her piece here is to underscore the warnings that the teaching process must be changed.

by James Fenner — 1970
The author is concerned about the fundamental irrelevance of the high school curriculum for young people needing to know how to make sense of the real world, how to find their way through its labyrinths, how to effect controls. Acknowledging the value of traditional studies for those who are interested, he proposes a series of elective courses aimed at relating the school to out-of-school interests.

by Alfred Oxenfeldt — 1970
A proposed program that focuses on student determination of the courses in which they enroll, student management of discussion groups, and the use of faculty as specialists in the preparation of materials for courses is described.

by Franklin Johnson — 1927
THE following quotation from the writer's Administration and JL Supervision of the High School sets forth his conception of the scope and function of the library in the modern high school: "The complete lack or the meagerness of space suitable for library purposes in the great majority of our high school buildings reveals a striking failure to appreciate the important part which the school library should have in high school education.

by Tiffany Brown — 2009
Self-harm has become one of the most prevalent issues in the last decade. It is a serious and intense form of managing one’s emotional pain that has been under researched and long misunderstood. School counselors, educators and administrators alike are challenged with the task of understanding this under-discussed phenomenon.

by Richard Fossey — 2010
A graduate student in counseling at a public university was dismissed from her program after she asked to refer a gay client to another counselor based on her religious views about sexual morality.

by Laurence Steinberg — 2015
This commentary examines the failings of American high schools.

by Laurence Steinberg — 2015
American high schools continue to show lackluster performance relative to high schools in comparably developed countries and to American elementary and middle schools. Laurence Steinberg argues that the problem isn't our schools, but the ways in which we raise our adolescents.

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