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by Julia Duncheon & Stefani Relles - 2019
This article uses figured world theory to explore how college-bound youth construct college-going identities in an urban magnet high school.

by Jeffrey Harding, Maggie Parker & Robert Toutkoushian - 2017
This article provides secondary statistical analysis of data from New Hampshire regarding the timing of information and decision-making in the college choice process.

by Megan Holland - 2015
This article examines how students negotiate the “college-for-all” norm in two diverse, high-achieving high schools. The findings indicate that in these contexts, the norm was interpreted as “four-year college-for-all,” leading to the development of a stigma surrounding two-year community college attendance.

by Melinda Krei & James Rosenbaum - 2001
The authors examine the career and college advice that high school counselors and vocational teachers give to the forgotten half and make suggestions about how schools can better assist in postsecondary planning for workbound students.

by Kaoru Yamamoto - 1972
This article discusses the importance of the development and change in philosophy of teacher preparation programs.

by Douglas Sloan - 1971
The current "crisis in American higher education" has been lamented by many and cheered on by others. There are those who hope and those who fear that current events portend the passing of the university as we have known it. Explanations and diagnoses of what is actually taking place, how­ever, are more than a little confusing.

by Alfred Oxenfeldt - 1970
A proposed program that focuses on student determination of the courses in which they enroll, student management of discussion groups, and the use of faculty as specialists in the preparation of materials for courses is described.

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