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Center for Research on Sport in Society

Sport has become, by virtually any measure (i.e., level of participation, degree of interest, socio-cultural and economic impact), a major institution in American society, and, indeed, the modern world. Yet, our understanding of this major social phenomenon remains limited. The Center for Research on Sport in Society (CRSS) is founded on the basic principle that sport is an institution that can and does affect our lives and our society in profound and sometimes dramatic ways and, thus, warrants the serious attention of the scholarly community. CRSS, an initiative with broad-based University involvement, was founded in the College of Arts and Sciences to promote scholarly inquiry utilizing socially sensitive yet rigorous scientific methods and reliable data analyses to address important issues related to two themes; sports and culture, and sports and life-course/ human development issues.

URL: http://www.as.miami.edu/crss/default.htm
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