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coverby Shanti Elliott
review by Anna Falkner — 2016

coverby Mary Beckman and Joyce F. Long
review by Emily Nemeth — 2016

coverby Paul C. Gorski, Rosanna M. Salcedo, and Julie Landsman
review by Patricia Edwards & Lisa Domke — 2016

coverby Virginia M. Jagla, Andrew Furco, and Jean R. Strait
review by Larry Nelson — 2016

coverby Bruce Bradbury, Miles Corak, Jane Waldfogel, and Elizabeth Washbrook
review by Erin Coghlan & Rick Mintrop — 2016

coverby Sarah E. Fiarman
review by Elizabeth Zumpe & Heinrich Mintrop — 2016

coverby Valora Washington, Brenda Gadson, & Kathryn L. Amel
review by Stephanie Curenton — 2016

coverby Laura T. Hamilton
review by Anne Douglass — 2016

coverby Irving Epstein (Eds)
review by Alice Sullivan — 2016

coverby Shelley B. Wepner, Diane W. Gσmez, Katie Egan Cunningham, Kristin N. Rainville, & Courtney Kelly
review by Stephanie Bennett — 2016

coverby Robert Smith and S. David Brazer
review by Marc Brasof & Rebecca Bennett — 2016

coverby Margaret Sangster
review by Carol Buckley — 2016

coverby Keith David Reeves
review by Mistilina Sato — 2016

coverby Ruchi Agarwal-Rangnath, Alison G. Dover, and Nick Henning
review by Christina Tschida & Sarah Shear — 2016

coverby Frederick M. Hess and Jeffrey R. Henig (Eds.)
review by Oscar Jimenez-Castellanos & Bethany Richmond — 2016

coverby Susi Long, Mariana Souto-Manning, & Vivian Maria Vasquez
review by Shubhi Sachdeva — 2016

coverby Gerald Campano, Marνa Paula Ghiso, and Bethany J. Welch
review by Rocio Delgado & David Campos — 2016

coverby Chris Dede, Arthur Eisenkraft, Kim Frumin, and Alex Hartley (Eds.)
review by Theodore Kopcha — 2016

coverby Erica Frankenberg, Liliana M. Garces, & Megan Hopkins (Eds.)
review by Stephanie Sanders-Smith — 2016

coverby Joseph O. Baker and Buster G. Smith
review by John Covaleskie — 2016

coverby Jeffrey S. Brooks and Melanie C. Brooks (Editors)
review by Sharon Radd — 2016

coverby Karen Manarin, Miriam Carey, Melanie Rathburn & Glen Ryland
review by Elizabeth Testa — 2016

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    Book Review Policy: The Teachers College Record reviews books of interest to educators and educational researchers in all areas of education. All reviews are invited by the editors.

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    • The Social Foundations Reader: Critical Essays on Teaching, Learning and Leading in the 21st Century (2016) Author: Eleanor Blair and Yolanda Medina Publisher: Peter Lang Publishers
    • Teacher Leadership: the "new" foundations of education (2016) (2nd edition) Author: Eleanor J. Blair Publisher: Peter Lang Publishing
    • Title: Leading Learning and Teaching Author: Professor Stephen Dinham, OAM PhD, Associate Dean Strategic Engagement at Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne
    • Russell Rickford, We Are An African People: Independent Education, Black Power, and the Radical Imagination (Oxford, 2016)
    • Russell Rickford, We Are An African People: Independent Education, Black Power, and the Radical Imagination (Oxford, 2016).
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