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coverby Bic Ngo & Kevin K. Kumashiro (Eds.)
review by Hannah Dockrill, Jubin Rahatzad & JoAnn Phillion 2015

coverby William G. Bowen & Eugene M. Tobin
review by Rozana Carducci 2015

coverby Sonia Nieto
review by Brandon Butler 2015

coverby Edwin W Martin
review by Rhonda Black 2015

coverby Felicity Laurence & John Finney
review by Carla Becker 2015

coverby Judy Harris Helm
review by Terre Sychterz 2015

coverby Tim Spuck & Leigh Jenkins (Eds.)
review by Ying-Chih Chen 2015

coverby Sharon L. Kagan & Rebecca E. Gomez
review by Cindy Ryan 2015

coverby Michael B. Horn, Heather Staker & Clayton M. Christensen
review by Charles Graham, Curtis Henrie & Lisa Halverson 2015

coverby Carol Booth Olson, Robin C. Scarcella & Tina Matuchniak
review by Michael Wei & Yalun Zhou 2015

coverby Anthony J. Nocella II, Priya Parmar, & David Stovall (Eds)
review by Alford Young, Jr. 2015

coverby Jennifer Fletcher
review by Sarah Fleming 2015

coverby Yasmin B. Kafai & Quinn Burke
review by Peter Rich & Brian Jones 2015

coverby Allison Skerrett
review by Tiffany Flowers 2015

coverby Chin-Chuan Lee (Ed)
review by Kyle McIntosh 2015

coverby Thomas R. Bailey, Shanna Smith Jaggars, & Davis Jenkins
review by Thomas Cox & Laurie Campbell 2015

coverby Linda C. Morice & Laurel Puchner (Eds.)
review by Carlos Blanton 2015

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    Book Review Policy: The Teachers College Record reviews books of interest to educators and educational researchers in all areas of education. All reviews are invited by the editors.

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    • Jame Nehring, WHY TEACH? NOTES AND QUESTIONS FROM A LIFE IN EDUCATION https://rowman.com/ISBN/9781475820355/Why-Teach?-Notes-and-Questions-from-a-Life-in-Education
    • Education: How to teach your kids, increase c (Kindle Edition) by Ryan Smith
    • Embracing Risk in Urban Education: Curiosity, (Paperback) by Alice E. Ginsberg, Maxine Greene
    • Hi. This is Dr. Michael Hanchett Hanson. I'm Adj Asst Prof in Human Development and have directed the Masters Concentration in Creativity and Cognition for the last 12 years. My new book, published by Palgrave Macmillan, will be out October 7: Worldmaking: Psychology and the Ideology of Creativity. Educational application of the construct of "creativity" and associated practices is a central theme of the book. Will the TC Record be reviewing the book? Show on the editorial staff should I follow up with about this? Thanks! MHH
    • Revisiting Education in the New Latino Diaspora Edmund Hamann, Stanton Wortham, and Enrique G. Murillo, Jr (Editors) http://www.infoagepub.com/products/Revisiting-Education-in-the-New-Latino-Diaspora
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