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coverby Curry Stephenson Malott, Mike Etc Cole, John M. Elmore (Eds.)
review by — 2014

coverby Eleanor Drago-Severson, Jessica Blum-DeStefano, & Anila Asghar
review by Thomas Beatty & Autumn Cyprθs — 2014

coverby Donald R. McAdams & Dan Katzir
review by Jeffrey Brooks — 2014

coverby Elinor L. Brown & Anna Krasteva (Eds.)
review by Melanie Brooks — 2014

coverby Cynthia Sunal & Kagendo Mutua (Eds.)
review by Eric C. Sheffield — 2014

coverby Nina L. Nilsson & Sandra E. Gandy (Eds.)
review by Virginia Goatley & Cheryl Dozier — 2014

coverby Alecia Youngblood Jackson & Lisa A Mazzei
review by Sandra Quinones & Gary Shank — 2014

coverby Kathy Perez
review by Andrea Honigsfeld — 2014

coverby Festus E. Obiakor & Anthony F. Rotatori (Eds)
review by Audrey Cohan & Joanne O’Brien — 2014

coverby Jeff Zwiers, Susan O'Hara, & Robert Pritchard
review by Susan Chenelle & Audrey Fisch — 2014

coverby Joel Best & Eric Best
review by Sandy Baum — 2014

coverby Julie Causton, George Theoharis, & Richard Villa
review by Sean Kelly & Binbin Jiang — 2014

coverby Lois Hetland, Ellen Winner, Shirley Veenema, & Kimberly M. Sheridan
review by Carol Korn-Bursztyn — 2014

coverby Paul C. Gorski
review by Jennifer Seelig & Linn Posey-Maddox — 2014

coverby Stewart I. Donaldson (Ed.)
review by Cara Jackson — 2014

coverby Charity Johansson
review by Edward Brantmeier & Emily Kohl — 2014

coverby David M. Moss & Debra Moss Curtis (Eds.)
review by Stanley Katz — 2014

coverby Camille A. Farrington
review by Joseph Boselovic — 2014

coverby Hindy Lauer Schachter & Kaifeng Yang (Eds.)
review by Stephen Bird — 2014

coverby Peter W. Cookson Jr.
review by Camille Farrington — 2014

coverby Trevor Kerry (Ed.)
review by Sachi Edwards & Jing Lin — 2014

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    Book Review Policy: The Teachers College Record reviews books of interest to educators and educational researchers in all areas of education. All reviews are invited by the editors.

  • Recently-Suggested Books
    • Romal Tune, Author Book Title - "God's Graffiti: Inspiring Stories for Teens ISBN-10: 081701733X ISBN-13: 978-0817017330
    • Romal Tune, Author "God's Graffiti: Inspiring Stories for Teens" ISBN-10: 081701733X ISBN-13: 978-0817017330
    • HI TCR book review staff. I am suggesting that I might review this brilliant new (2014) book by Molly Andrews called Narrative imagination and everyday life. Oxford University Press. I already have it and finished reading it today. I don't know Molly, but would love to meet her some day. Mary Louise Gomez Professor, Literacy Studies & Teacher Education University of Wisconsin-Madison mlgomez@wisc.edu
    • Hall, Robinson & Kohli (Eds.) Uprooting Urban America: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Race, Class and Gentrification (2014). This edited anthology examines the impact of public and market enterprise on citizen life in areas of housing, education, medical, and community discourse. The book features such scholars as Antwi Akom, William Ayers, Sue Books, Mindy Fullilove, Horace Hall, Henry Giroux, Loic Wacquant and Elvin Wyly.
    • The "Educator’s Equity Companion Guide" provides educators and community service providers the tools to build inclusive, safe spaces, by equipping them with knowledge and skills to transform their communities into more productive learning environments. Using real-life examples, discussion questions and by introducing key concepts it prepares readers to engage in difficult conversations with youth and colleagues. They learn how to address issues of inequity as they see them happening, as well as to take action to promote systemic change. The book was launched April 2014. It is written and published by staff at Harmony Movement, a Canadian non-profit working in the area of equity education provincially in Ontario. We have sold over 2,000 copies since the launch. You can view some sample pages of the resource at the following link: http://www.harmony.ca/resources/. Contact publications@harmony.ca, and they will happily send you a copy of the book to review.
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