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coverby Andrea L. Beach, Mary Deane Sorcinelli, Ann E. Austin, & Jaclyn K. Rivard
review by Julie A. Mooney & Luciano da Rosa dos Santos 2017

coverby Kristen L. Buras
review by Miriam Ezzani & Ciro Viamontes 2017

coverby William B. Russell III & Stewart Waters (Eds.)
review by Kathryn Obenchain 2017

coverby David F. Labaree
review by Gabriel Serna 2017

coverby Michael F. Graves
review by Katia Ciampa, Jill Marron & Gwen Quinn 2017

coverby Fred L. Hamel
review by Lorien Chambers Schuldt 2017

coverby Roslyn Arlin Mickelson, Stephen Samuel Smith & Amy Hawn Nelson (Eds.)
review by Thandeka Chapman 2017

coverby Meira Levinson & Jacob Fay (Eds.)
review by Serena Salloum & Emily Hodge 2017

coverby Richard R. Verdugo & Andrew Milne (Eds.)
review by MinSoo Kim-Bossard 2017

coverby Ivelin Sardamov
review by Valerie Ooka Pang & Jennifer M. Pang 2017

coverby Madelyn Flammia, Yvonne Cleary & Darina M. Slattery
review by Catherine Hansman 2017

coverby Frederick M. Hess & Michael Q. McShane (Eds.)
review by Shetay N. Ashford 2017

coverby Emefa Takyi-Amoako
review by Jamie Bleck 2017

coverby Carla Shalaby
review by Claire Cameron & Amy Mace 2017

coverby Zachary A. Casey
review by Rosnidar Arshad & Christine Clark 2017

coverby Meghan Cosier & Christine Ashby (Eds.)
review by Abby Cameron-Standerford 2017

coverby Gerald S. Edmonds, &Tiffany M. Squires (Eds.)
review by Cheryl Torrez 2017

coverby Sandee Graham McClowry
review by Michelle Sobolak 2017

coverby Craig B. Howley, Aimee Howley, & Edwina Pendarvis
review by Dara Soljaga & Kari Pawl 2017

coverby Anthony G. Picciano
review by John Bell & William Cain 2017

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    Book Review Policy: The Teachers College Record reviews books of interest to educators and educational researchers in all areas of education. All reviews are invited by the editors.

  • Recently-Suggested Books
    • Releasing Leadership Brilliance: Breaking Sound Barriers in Education, a new guidebook for moving schools from mediocrity to brilliance is co-authored by Simon T. Bailey and Marceta F. Reilly. The book features compelling case studies, simple tools, and relevant resources that provide the inspiration for educators and school leaders to make deep, lasting change in their schools or districts. I would be happy to provide a free copy of the book if someone was interested in reviewing, just let me know! bolson@lwolfe.com
    • Editors -- Jose Aldemar Alvarez V., Cathy Amanti, Shireen Keyl, Erin Mackinney Title -- Critical Views on Teaching and Learning English Around the Globe: Qualitative Research Approaches
    • Engaging Readers: Supporting All Students in Knowledge-driven Reading, Grades 4-8 Dana A. Robertson, Evelyn Ford-Connors, Susan Dougherty
    • author: Kim Allsup A Gift of Wonder, A True Story Showing School As It Should Be https://www.amazon.com/Gift-Wonder-Showing-School-Should/dp/1584209542/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1500773998&sr=8-1&keywords=kim+Allsup
    • Emerging Issues and Trends in Education (International Race and Education Series) by Theodore S. Ransaw (Editor), Richard Majors (Editor) MSU Press review copies Books Ordering and Customer Service Chicago Distribution Center (800) 621-2736
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