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coverby Jaimie Bleck
review by Patricia Kubow, Jacob Butler & A'ame Joslin — 2016

coverby Peter Roberts
review by Timothy O’Connell — 2016

coverby Patricia Ruggiano Schmidt and Althier M. Lazar (Eds.)
review by Lan Ngo & Susan Goldstein Colon — 2016

coverby Dionne Danns, Michelle A. Purdy, & Christopher M. Span
review by Melanie Acosta — 2016

coverby Aimee A. Howley and Mary Barbara Trube
review by Linda Tilman — 2016

coverby James Nehring
review by Elizabeth Wilkins — 2016

coverby Tracey Garrett
review by Judy Williams — 2016

coverby Alexander Karp and Nicholas Wasserman
review by Jonathan Bostic & Lance Kruse — 2016
Teaching through problem solving sets out to support secondary mathematics teachers’ facilitation of problem solving during daily lessons. Karp and Wasserman halve the book into two components: discussion of problem solving and its impact on daily lesson planning and a deep focus on secondary mathematics content. This book is designed for teachers seeking ways to re-examine their teaching practices, who have a foundation from general pedagogy and mathematics content courses.

coverby Linda J. Searby and Susan K. Brondyk (Eds.)
review by Shamaine Bertrand, Kristien Zenkov & Ellen Clark — 2016

coverby Jered B. Kolbert and Laura M. Crothers (Eds.)
review by Raol Taft, Jr. — 2016
This book review found that Understanding and managing behaviors of children with psychological disorders: A reference for classroom teachers, edited by Kolbert and Crothers, provides a significant guide to evidence-based interventions that can be used to address some of the more complex psychological disorders that are presented by students in our schools. The best use of this text might be to use it as a guide to understanding specifics about a particular disorder and for finding interventions that might prove to be effective in addressing the behaviors of these students. Teachers and other education professionals and paraprofessionals might thus find this edited work to be very useful as a guide to their practice.

coverby Kevin D. Finson and Jon E. Pedersen (Eds.)
review by Dean Zollman — 2016

coverby Rosa Bruno-Jofré and James Scott Johnston (Eds.)
review by Seungho Moon & Jenna Mortensen Nelson — 2016
Revisiting teacher education in a transnational world with multiple theoretical frames

coverby Joseph O'Shea
review by Linda Hagedorn — 2016

coverby Julia L. Roberts and Tracy F. Inman
review by Christine Panarese — 2016

coverby Philip Wexler, Yotam Hotam
review by Justin Harbour — 2016

coverby Julian G. Elliott and Elena L. Grigorenko
review by Saili Kulkarni — 2016
The Dyslexia Debate by Julian G. Elliott and Elena L. Grigorenko describe the literature related to the term dyslexia in terms of historical perspectives, cognitive sciences, neuroscience, and evaluation and assessment. The authors conclude that the term dyslexia has outlived it's usefulness as a term describing a specific disability. The authors opt instead for the more inclusive term "reading disability."

coverby Audrey Fisch, Susan Chenelle
review by Steffany Maher — 2016

coverby James Ryan and Diane E. Armstrong (Eds.)
review by Seth McCall — 2016

coverby Aparna Mishra Tarc
review by Ian Renga — 2016

coverby Cheryl Jones-Walker
review by Katherine Crawford-Garrett — 2016

coverby Ted N. Ingram, Derek F. Greenfield, Joelle D. Carter, and Adriel A. Hilton
review by Robert Palmer, Andrew Arroyo & Charles Gibbs — 2016

coverby Eva Zygmunt and Patricia Clark
review by Michael Evans & Trevor Ngorosha — 2016

coverby Antero Garcia and Cindy O'Donnell-Allen
review by Renita Laury — 2016
The book proposes the Pose, Wobble, Flow model (PWF) as a framework for a culturally relevant approach to literacy instruction. The focus of the book is on English Language Arts (ELA) teachers and the needs of their students and provides six different culturally responsive teaching stances or “poses.”

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