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coverby François Victor Tochon
review by Cathy Amanti — 2016

coverby Lydiah Nganga and John Kambutu, Eds.
review by Sara Zimmerman — 2016

coverby Nancy Mack
review by Timothy Wells & Mirka Koro-Ljungberg — 2016

coverby Jeffrey S. Brooks & Noelle Witherspoon Arnold (Eds.)
review by Melissa Martinez & Jocabed Márquez — 2016

coverby Sergio Salvatore, Alessandro Gennaro & Jaan Valsiner (Eds.)
review by Suniti Sharma — 2016

coverby Annika Butler-Wall, Kim Cosier, Rachel L. S. Harper, Jeff Sapp, Jody Sokolower, & Melissa Bollow Tempel
review by Hilary Hughes & Vicki Scullion — 2016

coverby Alex J. Bowers, Alan R. Shoho, Bruce G. Barnett (Eds.)
review by Madeline Mavrogordato & Melissa Usiak — 2016

coverby Lisa Hammet Price & Barbara A. Bradley
review by Patricia Ruggiano Schmidt — 2016

coverby Gilbert W. Merkx and Riall W. Nolan
review by Katherine Punteney — 2016

coverby Crystal Leigh Endsley
review by Alison G. Dover — 2016

coverby Eleanor Drago-Severson and Jessica Blum-DeStefano
review by Susan Brondyk — 2016

coverby Ellen L. Short and Leo Wilton
review by Eric Weiner — 2016

coverby Alex J. Bowers, Alan R. Shoho, Bruce G. Barnett (Eds.)
review by Madeline Mavrogordato & Melissa Usiak — 2016

coverby Audrey Fisch and Susan Chenelle
review by Lauren Capotosto — 2016

coverby Noah De Lissovoy, Alexander J. Means, and Kenneth J. Saltman
review by Michelle Milani & Sue Winton — 2016

coverby Adam Laats and Harvey Siegel
review by Hasan Deniz — 2016

coverby Bob Fecho, Michelle Falter, and Xiaoli Hong
review by E. Namisi Chilungu — 2016

coverby Victor Sáenz, Luis Ponjuán, and Julie López Figueroa
review by Fernando Valle — 2016

coverby Terry Thompson
review by Nina Nilsson — 2016

coverby Frank Hernandez, Elizabeth Murakami, and Gloria M. Rodriguez (Eds.)
review by Julie Figueroa & Rebeca Burciaga — 2016

coverby Stafford Hood, Rodney Hopson & Henry Frierson
review by Dhani Shah — 2016

coverby Dana Mitra and Stephanie C. Serriere
review by Jason Ritter & Christopher Meidl — 2016

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  • Recently-Suggested Books
    • Mathis, W., & Trujillo, T. (Eds.) (2016). Learning from the federal market-based reforms: Lessons for the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.
    • Bridging the High School-College Gap: The Role of Concurrent Education Programs edited by Gerald S. Edmonds and Tiffany M. Squires, published by Syracuse University Press.
    • Talking Back & Looking Forward
    • Angela Valenzuela Growing Critically Conscious Teachers: A Social Justice Curriculum for Educators of Latino/a Youth
    • Antoni Verger; Clara Fontdevila; Adrián Zancajo The Privatization of Education: A Political Economy of Global Education Reform
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