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Book Reviews
coverby Autumn Tooms Cyprès
review by Dino Sossi — 2016

coverby Yolanda J. Majors
review by Keisha Allen — 2016

coverby Richard Kahlenberg and Halley Potter
review by Michael Mindzak — 2016

coverby Julie Landsman, Rosanna M. Salcedo, & Paul C. Gorski
review by Deborah Seltzer-Kelly — 2016

coverby Ole Frederik Lillemyr, Sue Dockett, and Bob Perry
review by Roz Stooke — 2016

coverby Carol McDonald Connor and Peggy McCardle
review by Timothy Rasinski — 2016

coverby Gary D. Borich
review by Janine Davis — 2016

coverby Felicity McArdle and Gail Boldt
review by Therese Quinn — 2016

coverby Felicity McArdle and Gail Boldt
review by Matt Starcke & Alyssa Rockenbach — 2016

coverby Marian Small
review by Carol Buckley — 2016

coverby Claudia Finkbeiner and Althier M. Lazar
review by Florin Mihai & Hilal Peker — 2016

coverby Cheryll M. Adams & Kimberley L. Chandler
review by Julia Roberts — 2016

coverby Daphne P. Hobson and Iveta Silova
review by Mary Trube — 2016

coverby Marian Small
review by Temple Walkowiak — 2016

coverby R. L’Heureux Lewis-McCoy
review by Na’ilah Nasir & David Philoxene — 2016

coverby Adam Lefstein and Julia Snell
review by Kathryn Wegner — 2016

coverby Brian V. Carolan
review by Kira Baker-Doyle — 2016

coverby Dena R. Samuels
review by Sandra Osorio — 2016

coverby Vivian Yenika-Agbaw, Teresa Sychterz (Eds.)
review by Amanda Wall — 2016

coverby Daryl G. Smith
review by Julie Posselt — 2016

coverby Jeffrey T. Schnapp, Matthew Battles
review by Rebecca Morris — 2016

coverby Andrea Honigsfeld, Maria G. Dove
review by Susan Adams — 2016

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    Book Review Policy: The Teachers College Record reviews books of interest to educators and educational researchers in all areas of education. All reviews are invited by the editors.

  • Recently-Suggested Books
    • Losen, D. J. (2015). Closing the School Discipline Gap: Equitable Remedies for Excessive Exclusion. New York, NY: Teachers College Press. (I'd be happy to review this for you)
    • Blame Teachers: The Emotional Reasons for Educational Reform by Steven P. Jones Information Age Press, 2015
    • Resegregation as Curriculum: The Meaning of the New Segregation in U.S. Public School. by Jerry Rosiek and Kathy Kinslow http://www.tandf.net/books/details/9781138812819/
    • Please consider "Why Teach? Notes and Questions from a Life in Education" by James Nehring (Rowman and Littlefield) What readers are saying: "One of the most compelling books on education that I've read in years.” -Jonathan Kozol, National Book Award winner and author of Savage Inequalities. “More entertaining than a chronicle of someone's career in education has a right to be,… a page turner peppered with thoughtful observations.” –Alfie Kohn, author of The Schools Our Children Deserve. “An adventure and a call to action that will challenge the mind and nourish the soul.” –Linda Darling Hammond, Charles E. Ducommon Professor of Education, Stanford University “A good read for anyone thinking about entering the profession or wondering why people stay.” –Katherine Merseth, Director of Teacher Education, Harvard University
    • John Thompson was a long-time teacher of social studies in one of the toughest schools in Oklahoma City. He has just published a book A TEACHER's TALE about those days. I or a grad student is going to review it. Just wanted to see if it was okay to send on to you when it's done. Thanks. lbaines@ou.ed
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