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coverby Robert B. Stevenson, Michael Brody, Justin Dillon, & Arjen E.J. Wals (Eds.)
review by Susan Stocklmayer — 2014

coverby Daniel R. Heischman
review by Andrew Arroyo — 2014

coverby Matthew Militello & Jennifer Friend (Eds)
review by Sally Zepeda & Atakan Ata — 2014

coverby Tyrone C. Howard
review by Vershawn Young & Y’Shanda Young-Rivera — 2014

coverby Angelina E. Castagno
review by Lisa Mazzei — 2014

coverby Adriel A. Hilton, J. Luke Wood, Chance W. Lewis
review by Rachelle Winkle-Wagner — 2014

coverby Lisa D. Garcia
review by Susana Munoz — 2014

coverby Gert J.J. Biesta
review by John Fantuzzo — 2014

coverby Liz Hollingworth & Arnold Danzig (Eds)
review by Marya Levenson — 2014

coverby Margaret F. Brinig & Nicole Stelle Garnett
review by Karen Johnson — 2014

coverby Sophie Haroutunian-Gordon
review by Leilya Pitre — 2014

coverby David K. Cohen, Donald J. Peurach, Joshua L. Glazer, Karen E. Gates, & Simona Goldin
review by Kara Finnigan — 2014

coverby Francesca Ashurst, Couze Venn
review by Nathan Alexander — 2014

coverby Lydiah Nganga, John Kambutu, & William B. Russell III (Eds.)
review by Alexander Cuenca — 2014

coverby Curry Stephenson Malott, Mike Etc Cole, John M. Elmore (Eds.)
review by David Backer — 2014

coverby Greg J. Duncan & Richard J. Murnane
review by Brian Zoellner & Jerry Johnson — 2014

coverby Marilyn Murphy, Sam Redding, & Janet Twyman (Eds.)
review by Rachel Ragland — 2014

coverby Michael Reichert & Richard Hawley
review by Judy Chu — 2014

coverby Michael Fullan & Alan Boyle
review by David Moss — 2014

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    Book Review Policy: The Teachers College Record reviews books of interest to educators and educational researchers in all areas of education. All reviews are invited by the editors.

  • Recently-Suggested Books
    • Howard, A., Wheeler, B. and Polimeno, A. (2014) Negotiating Privilege and Identity in Educational Contexts. New York; Routledge
    • Romal Tune, Author Book Title - "God's Graffiti: Inspiring Stories for Teens ISBN-10: 081701733X ISBN-13: 978-0817017330
    • Romal Tune, Author "God's Graffiti: Inspiring Stories for Teens" ISBN-10: 081701733X ISBN-13: 978-0817017330
    • HI TCR book review staff. I am suggesting that I might review this brilliant new (2014) book by Molly Andrews called Narrative imagination and everyday life. Oxford University Press. I already have it and finished reading it today. I don't know Molly, but would love to meet her some day. Mary Louise Gomez Professor, Literacy Studies & Teacher Education University of Wisconsin-Madison mlgomez@wisc.edu
    • Hall, Robinson & Kohli (Eds.) Uprooting Urban America: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Race, Class and Gentrification (2014). This edited anthology examines the impact of public and market enterprise on citizen life in areas of housing, education, medical, and community discourse. The book features such scholars as Antwi Akom, William Ayers, Sue Books, Mindy Fullilove, Horace Hall, Henry Giroux, Loic Wacquant and Elvin Wyly.
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