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coverby John R. Rickford, Julie Sweetland, Angela E. Rickford, & Thomas Grano
review by Tony Mirabelli — 2014

coverby Danielle S. Allen & Rob Reich (Eds)
review by Beatrice Fennimore — 2014

coverby Tφzόn Issa & Alison Hatt
review by Cuthbert Rowland-Storm — 2014

coverby Nicholas Daniel Hartlep
review by Meghan Chidsey — 2014

coverby Alyssa Bryant Rockenbach & Matthew J. Mayhew (Eds)
review by Noelle Arnold — 2014

coverby Jacquie Turnbull
review by Lynnette Mawhinney — 2014

coverby Kevin D. Finson & Jon E. Pedersen (Eds)
review by Andrew Gilbert, William Smith & Sangeeta Varma — 2014

coverby Claire McGlynn, Michalinos Zembylas, & Zvi Bekerman (Eds)
review by Jeff Aguiar — 2014

coverby Kerry Roberts, Shellie L. Hanna, & Sid T. Womack
review by Peter Goff & Art Rainwater — 2014

coverby Paulo Freire
review by Emily Daniels — 2014

coverby Hector Amaya
review by Michael Vavrus — 2014

coverby Derek Bok
review by David Brown & John Thelin — 2014

coverby Reynaldo Reyes & Christian J. Faltis
review by Gilda Ochoa — 2014

coverby Linda Darling-Hammond
review by Morgan Polikoff & Shauna Campbell — 2014

coverby Deborah S Yost, Robert Vogel, & Kimberly E Lewinski
review by Jessica Early — 2014

coverby Bronwyn Williams & Amy A. Zenger (Eds.)
review by Korina Jocson & Victor Thomas — 2014

coverby Guadalupe San Miguel Jr.
review by Miryam Espinosa-Dulanto & Jaime Garcia — 2014

coverby Bryant Jensen & Adam Sawyer
review by Carolyn Sattin-Bajaj — 2014

coverby Dennis M. McInerney, Herbert W. Marsh, & Rhonda G. Craven (Eds.)
review by Noriyuki Inoue & D. Campbell — 2014

coverby Dianna P. Beirne & Kathleen G. Velsor
review by Wen Ma — 2014

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    Book Review Policy: The Teachers College Record reviews books of interest to educators and educational researchers in all areas of education. All reviews are invited by the editors.

  • Recently-Suggested Books
    • The "Educator’s Equity Companion Guide" provides educators and community service providers the tools to build inclusive, safe spaces, by equipping them with knowledge and skills to transform their communities into more productive learning environments. Using real-life examples, discussion questions and by introducing key concepts it prepares readers to engage in difficult conversations with youth and colleagues. They learn how to address issues of inequity as they see them happening, as well as to take action to promote systemic change. The book was launched April 2014. It is written and published by staff at Harmony Movement, a Canadian non-profit working in the area of equity education provincially in Ontario. We have sold over 2,000 copies since the launch. You can view some sample pages of the resource at the following link: http://www.harmony.ca/resources/. Contact publications@harmony.ca, and they will happily send you a copy of the book to review.
    • Rethinking value-added models in education: Critical perspectives on tests and assessment-based accountability. Audrey Amrein-Beardsley
    • Writing and Teaching to Change the World: Connecting with our Most Vulnerable Students Edited by Stephanie Jones Published by Teachers College Press and National Writing Project
    • Strategic Diversity Leadership: Activating Change and Transformation in Higher Education by Damon A. Williams
    • The Chief Diversity Officer: Strategy Structure, and Change Management by Damon A. Williams and Katrina C. Wade-Golden
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