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coverby Carlos R. McCray & Floyd D. Beachum
review by Whitney Newcomb — 2014

coverby Daniel F. Chambliss & Christopher G. Takacs
review by Jason Laker — 2014

coverby Beverly J. Irby, Genevieve Brown & Shirley Jackson (Editor)
review by J. Wesley Null — 2014

coverby Anthony J. Nocella II & David Gabbard (Eds)
review by Dennis Gregory — 2014

coverby Sarah Tantillo
review by Emily Witty — 2014

coverby Fritz Fischer
review by J. Spencer Clark & Stephanie Speicher — 2014

coverby Keith Robinson & Angel L. Harris
review by Margaret Ferrara & Casey Everheart — 2014

coverby Gabriel M. Della-Piana, Connie Kubo Della-Piana & Michael K. Gardner
review by Bridget Lepore — 2014

coverby Carl Hobert
review by Kristina Llewellyn — 2014

coverby Andrea Honigsfeld, Audrey Cohan, & Julia G. Thompson
review by Diana Lawrence-Brown — 2014

coverby Carole S. Rhodes & Kenneth J. Weiss (Eds)
review by Valerie Allison — 2014

coverby Bruce G. Barnett, Alan R. Shoho, Alex J. Bowers (Eds)
review by Sarah Woulfin — 2014

coverby Michael Sadowski
review by J. Spencer Clark & Stephanie Speicher — 2014

coverby Marilou Hyson & Heather Biggar Tomlinson
review by Kathryn Bauserman — 2014

coverby Margaret Sangster (Ed)
review by M. Beatriz Fernαndez — 2014

coverby Neil Gross & Solon Simmons (Eds)
review by Hadley Solomon & Jake Stringer — 2014

coverby Craig S. Engelhardt
review by Katherine Jo — 2014

coverby Jim Horn & Denise Wilburn
review by Christine Monaghan — 2014

coverby Manal Hamzeh (Author) & Curry Stephenson Malott (Ed)
review by Anita Harris — 2014

coverby Lιonie Rennie, Grady Venville, & John Wallace (Eds)
review by Sarah Carrier — 2014

coverby Joseph P. McDonald & Cities and Schools Research Group
review by Susan Bush-Mecenas & Julie Marsh — 2014

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    Book Review Policy: The Teachers College Record reviews books of interest to educators and educational researchers in all areas of education. All reviews are invited by the editors.

  • Recently-Suggested Books
    • Marsha Sramek The Great Grammar Book The new second edition (2015) of the best-selling The Great Grammar Book uses current social history, intelligent trivia, and odd news events to make learning grammar fun. The book opens with a 100-question diagnostic test (with answer key) to help students discover their grammar weaknesses. Over 2,000 intriguing practice sentences--more than any other text--enable students to master even long-standing problems. Systematic writing exercises help readers write clearer, more concise, and more readable sentences with confidence and style. For a review copy, e-mail Marsha747@aol.com
    • Using Social Media Effectively in the Classroom: Blogs, Wikis, Twitter, and More
    • Kathleen Weiler, Democracy and Schooling in California: The Legacy of Helen Heffernan and Corinne Seeds. Palgrave Macmillan, 2011. There seems to have been some confusion at Palgrave about whether my book (above) went sent out to journals for review. They will be happy to send you a copy if you choose to review it. Thanks, Kathleen Weiler
    • Martin, Anne C. & Schwartz, Ellen, Making Space for Active Learning: The Art and Practice of Teaching
    • Jack Schneider, From the Ivory Tower to the Schoolhouse: How Scholarship Becomes Common Knowledge in Education
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