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CALL FOR MANUSCRIPTS | FIRE: Forum for International Research in Education

FIRE: Forum for International Research in Education

FIRE: Forum for International Research in Education is currently accepting manuscript submissions of research articles, essays, bibliographies, and book reviews for publication in forthcoming regular issues as well as for a special issue on “Educators at the Intersection of Global Policies and Local Practices.” Please submit all manuscripts at http://preserve.lehigh.edu/fire/ for immediate review.

FIRE is an international, peer-reviewed publication promoting interdisciplinary scholarship on the use of internationally comparative data for evidence-based and innovative change in educational systems, schools, and classrooms worldwide. FIRE publishes three open source, online issues per year. Some issues are thematic. Except for book reviews and bibliographies, all manuscripts submitted to FIRE are blind peer-reviewed. Theoretical and methodological pluralism is welcomed and encouraged by the journal editor, editorial team, and advisory board.

The FIRE editors welcome all manuscript submissions, which are relevant to the aims and scope of FIRE. All manuscripts are rigorously reviewed by at least 2-3 anonymous reviewers. Every effort is made to ensure prompt decisions about manuscript acceptance. More information about the aims and scope of FIRE may be found online at http://preserve.lehigh.edu/fire/aimsandscope.html.

Manuscripts submitted for the special issue on “Educators at the Intersection of Global Policies and Local Practices” should highlight educators as the bridge between global policies and local practices related to any of the following topics: (1) teacher training programs worldwide, (2) the classroom-level effects of using of large-scale testing worldwide, (3) the lives of educators beyond their school walls, (4) the challenge of contextualizing educational policy through teacher practice, (5) the role of global health education practitioners in the field of education, or (6) the intersection of information and communication technologies (ICT) and teaching practices. Other topics relevant to the special issue themes will also be given full consideration. More information on the special issue theme may be found online through the link here: http://t.co/Cn5VfaX65c.

Submitted manuscripts should be 7,000-10,000 words long and deal explicitly with as many of the following as are applicable, preferably in this order: (1) objectives or purposes; (2) perspectives or theoretical framework; (3) methods, techniques, or modes of inquiry; (4) data sources or evidence (if applicable); (5) results, conclusions, or point of view; and (6) the significance or relevance of manuscripts to the special issue’s overall theme. Manuscript format and references should follow the American Psychological Association’s (6th edition) style guidelines.

Please contact the editors at fire@lehigh.edu with questions.


Dates: 3/20/2014 - 3/20/2015

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