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Call for Papers:Racism and Anti-Racism through Education and Community Practice: An International Exchange

This international conference aims to put ‘race’ back on the agenda in education and community theory and practice.

Over recent years, practitioners and academics interested in the operations of ‘race’, racism and anti-racism have had to negotiate various disabling discourses in policy, politics and practice. From the backlash against ‘failed’ multiculturalism in Europe, to the marginalisation of ‘race’ in inclusive education to a shift in preference for discussing culture and ethnicity rather than racism, it seems that ‘race’ and ‘challenging racism’ has been silenced from broader discussions about educational inclusion and social justice.

This conference aims to bring together academics, policy makers and practitioners from around the globe to critically debate and share practice experiences about ‘race’, racism and anti-racism in different national contexts.


Dates: 6/26/2013 - 6/28/2013

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