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The Study of Sports and Athletes in Education

Editors: Robin L. Hughes, Indiana University- Indianapolis
James W. Satterfield, The University of Texas at El Paso

The Journal for the Study of Sports and Athletes in Education – a unique new journal that is dedicated to research related to sports and athletes within the context of education and society. JSSAE will publish its first issue in March, 2007. Published three times per year by leftcoast press, JSSAE focuses on research and theory that highlights the importance of sports and athletes.

JSSAE will provide a forum for discussion and analysis about the unique characteristics of sports and athletics participation in education. A unique perspective, the Journal takes a multidisciplinary approach in examining the issues that face student athletes and sports programs throughout the United States. JSSAE intends to provide an environment that encourages the audience to think critically about the role that athletics plays on college campuses throughout the United States and internationally

The Journal for the Study of Sports and Athletes encourages articles, commentaries (challenges and debates), theme issues and book reviews using diverse methodological approaches and conceptual frameworks. A sampling of broad topics includes:

1. History of Sports in Higher Education:
Historical accounts and how historical paradigms have impacted sports and athletes in higher education

2. Politics of Sports and Athletic Reform:
Political issues that span higher education and sports, and how policy affects sports and athletes.

3. Sociological Influences:
Dynamics of race, ethnicity and gender influences in sports and higher education. A sample of topics may include discourse aimed at the intersection of race, gender and cultural influences in college athletics

4. Administration:
Discourse that includes athletics, institutional and administrative issues and how they affect sports participation and student athletes, as well as stakeholders in higher education. Topics may also include discussions about athletic funding and legal issues.

5. Student Development:
Focused on how student athletes experience, develop, change and grow in college. Topics may include exploration of levels of stress, mentoring, athletic identity theory and how the sports participation impacts student athletes.

The Journal for the Study Sports and Athletes in Education (JSSAE) welcomes the submission of original papers, reviews, commentaries, and special theme issue proposals from scholars and practitioners focused on understanding issues related to sports and athletes. Multidisciplinary in scope, JSSAE encourages sport’s research explored through multiple theoretical lenses. Examples include socio-political, historical, administrative, legal, student developmental and critical theoretical frameworks.

All manuscripts are subject to anonymous peer review by knowledgeable scholars and professional practitioners and, if accepted, may be subject to revision. Materials submitted to JSSAE should not be under consideration by other publishers, nor should they be previously published in any form. For details on upcoming issue themes, manuscript composition, size, formatting, etc., please consult the Left Coast Press website www.lcoastpress.com journal submission guidelines. Reference style should conform to the Publications manual of the American Psychological Association of style (APA), 5th edition. Non-conforming manuscripts will be returned to the author(s) for revision.

Submissions should include a cover letter, an original manuscript and three copies, along with photocopies of any illustrations.

Send manuscript correspondence to:

Robin L. Hughes, Indiana University – Indianapolis. 902 West New York Street, 46062, Indianapolis, Indiana. 317-274-6817, email, roblhugh@indiana.edu

James W. Satterfield, The University of Texas at El Paso, Educational Leadership and Foundations Education Building Room 501
Room 501, El Paso, Texas (915) 747-8978

Left Coast Press Inc. 1630 N. Main Street #400| Walnut Creek, California 94596 | 925-935-3380 phone and fax

Dates: 9/11/2006 - 12/30/2006

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