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Call for Chapters: The Corona Chronicles


The Corona Chronicles: Necessary narratives in uncertain times

Editors: Kenny Varner (UNLV), Steve Bickmore (UNLV), Danica Hays (UNLV), PG Schrader (UNLV), David Carlson (ASU), and Dorothea Anagnostopoulos (UConn)

Context: COVID 19 or Coronavirus or Corona has undoubtedly affected every facet of live for every citizen of the world. Six months ago, we had not even contemplated its name. Economic, health, labor, and social sectors have suffered tremendously during this pandemic. Education changes, quite literally, overnight. We now find ourselves in a digital landscape trying to engage with our ‘new normal.’ We realize that many educators from pre-schools through graduate colleges are engaging different realities than we are used to. These realities have sparked many narratives and stories some verbalized, others shared on social media, and others still communicated within our contexts of learning. As editors of this volume we wish not to lose the power of these narratives – the power to chronicle, the power to transform, the power to inspire, the power to build allyship through hardship.

This volume will chronicle how PreK-20 educators (e.g., administrators, faculty, staff, and students) are experiencing this moment at personal and/or professional levels: lessons they are learning and tales that help provide context, content, or convergence for readers. Chapters can center on issues of advocacy, diversity, equity, family, labor, technology, society, struggle, trepidation, and/or triumph. We are organizing the book into five sections:

Our Stories – narrating the trials, triumphs, and trepidation of the now

Our Process – what moving digitally/virtually is doing or not doing for us, and how we learn from it

Our Leadership - how leadership responds and/or emerges, the leadership challenges and opportunities

Our Hopes – musings about what this moment might bring in terms of change and what we hope to pay attention to

Our Commitments – doubling down on our core commitments strengthened, recommitted to, or changed in this time

Chapters: Should range from 2,000-4,000 words (< 2,000 considered; > 4,000 would require justification) Should be: personal, bold, and use genre creatively; avoid academic citations; use citations sparingly

Process And Timeline:

Send Chapters as Word Document by June 10, 2020 to: 2020covidchronicles@gmail.com

Identify author/s names, affiliation/s, email address/es, phone number/s, and section of book.

In the subject line please put contact authors last name and section you want your chapter in -- Example: Varner – Our Process

Initial Decisions (with revisions if provisionally accepted) sent by June 24, 2020
Revised manuscripts with author paperwork returned by July 10, 2020
Manuscript delivered to Publisher by mid-August 2020
In Print and Available by early September, 2020

Note: We also welcome poetry or short forms of art that can go between sections as dividers. Send those submissions to 2020covidchronicles@gmail.com as well with the subject line as your Last Name-Art and with the name/s, affiliation/s, email address/es, and phone number/s of contributors.

Dates: 5/13/2020 - 5/31/2020

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