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Less Socially Engaged? Participation in Friendship and Extracurricular Activities Among Racial/Ethnic Minority and Immigrant Adolescents

by Hua-Yu Sebastian Cherng, Kristin Turney & Grace Kao
We use the Education Longitudinal Study of 2002, a nationally representative sample of high school sophomores, to examine patterns of social engagement in friendships and extracurricular activities among racial/ethnic minorities and immigrant adolescents. Results show that racial/ethnic minority adolescents, as well as first- and second-generation adolescents, are less engaged in friendships than their third-generation White counterparts, and there is no clear pattern of advantage or disadvantage in extracurricular activity participation.
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True Grit: Trait-Level Perseverance and Passion for Long-Term Goals Predicts Effectiveness and Retention Among Novice Teachers

by Claire Robertson-Kraft & Angela Duckworth
This article explores how biographical data on grit, a disposition toward perseverance and passion for long-term goals, explains variance in novice teachers’ effectiveness and retention.
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Book Reviews

Becoming Young Thinkers: Deep Project Work in the Classroom

by Judy Harris Helm
reviewed by Terre Sychterz


MasterClass in Music Education: Transforming Teaching and Learning

by Felicity Laurence & John Finney
reviewed by Carla Becker


Education in a Digital World: Global Perspectives on Technology and Education

by Neil Selwyn
reviewed by Peter Pericles Trifonas


Democracy's Education: Public Work, Citizenship, and the Future of Colleges and Universities

by Harry C. Boyte
reviewed by Philip Lee


Breakthrough: Federal Special Education Legislation 1965-1981

by Edwin W Martin
reviewed by Rhonda S Black

Education researcher Elizabeth Minor discusses her article, Racial Differences in Teacher Perception of Student Ability. Watch and discuss this episode of The Voice on Vialogues.


Paradigm Shift Happens

by Martin Scanlan
David Sackett, a physician who died in May, 2015 at age 80, helped usher a paradigm shift in medicine toward embracing evidence-based medicine and applying principles of improvement science to health care reform. A parallel paradigm shift is afoot in educational research.

Annual Yearbooks for 2015

by Gary Natriello
The editors of the Teachers College Record are pleased to announce the Annual Yearbooks for 2015.

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