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School Diversity, School District Fragmentation and Metropolitan Policy

by Jennifer Jellison Holme & Kara S. Finnigan
This article explores the dilemmas created by between-district segregation and school district fragmentation in terms of efforts to diversify schools. We first review existing research to examine what is known empirically about between-district segregation, and the role of school district fragmentation as a contributing factor. We then examine policy efforts to address problems caused by fragmentation in other (non-educational) domains, and we consider whether such efforts could serve as a potential solution to school district fragmentation. We conclude with educational policy lessons based upon our examination of these prior efforts both within and outside of education to inform the current policy debate around school segregation.
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Even More Racially Isolated than Before: Problematizing the Vision for “Diversity” in a Racially Mixed High School

by Anjalé D. Welton
If structured equitably racially diverse schools can offer all students better opportunities, however, the benefits of racial diversity are undermined if subsequent policies, systems, and practices are not in place to ensure that all students are equitably given opportunities to learn. This article further problematizes the concept of “diversity” by exploring how one racially mixed high school’s vision for diversity was mismatched with the reality of apparent inequities within the school. Students of color who transferred to the high school for better opportunities were ultimately resegregated to racially isolating structures. The study’s findings align with scholars who call for further critique of what it means to be truly diverse or integrated, and suggest currently policies designed to achieve diverse schooling fail to chisel at mechanisms that inevitably sustain the inequitable racial and social order within schools.
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Book Reviews

Understanding Peace Cultures

by Rebecca L. Oxford (Ed.)
reviewed by Hongyu Wang


Engaging the ''Race Question'': Accountability and Equity in U.S. Higher Education

by Alicia C. Dowd & Estela Mara Bensimon
reviewed by Elsa Gonzalez & Stephen Luis


Cultural Competence in America's Schools: Leadership, Engagement and Understanding

by Bruce A. Jones & Edwin J. Nichols
reviewed by Joe Orovecz & Gaëtane Jean-Marie


The Teaching Brain: An Evolutionary Trait at the Heart of Education

by Vanessa Rodriguez & Michelle Fitzpatrick
reviewed by Carmina Makar


Sustaining Literacy in Africa: Developing a Literate Environment

by Peter Easton
reviewed by Nicola McClung & Nasa Lesley Cole

Education researcher Eran Tamir discusses his article, What Keeps Teachers In and What Drives Them Out: How Urban Public, Urban Catholic, and Jewish Day Schools Affect Beginning Teachers’ Careers. Watch and discuss this episode of The Voice on Vialogues.


Alma Mater, Historia Crudelis: Writing Institutional History Without Losing Your Mind or Your Soul

by Benjamin Justice
This commentary describes the promises and pitfalls of writing institutional history.

Annual Yearbooks for 2015

by Gary Natriello
The editors of the Teachers College Record are pleased to announce the Annual Yearbooks for 2015.

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