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Researching Up: Triangulating Qualitative Research To Influence the Public Debate of “On-Time” College Graduation

by Tim McCormack, Emily Schnee & Jason VanOra
This article explores how educational researchers can use meta-analysis to “power-up” the findings of their existing, small-scale qualitative research studies. By triangulating data from three independently conducted studies of academically at-risk college students, this research contests “time-to-degree” as a valid criterion for measuring academic success in college.
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Engaging Residents in Community Change: The Critical Role of Trust in the Development of a Promise Neighborhood

by Joanna D. Geller, Bernadette Doykos, Krista Craven, Kimberly D. Bess & Maury Nation
Nearly 60 communities nationwide have been awarded Promise Neighborhoods grants from the U.S. Department of Education. This article uses a case example approach to illustrate how variations in trust between and among parents, school staff, and community institutions in one Promise Neighborhood may hinder or facilitate the success of the initiative.
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Book Reviews

Critical Perspectives on Black Education: Spirituality, Religion and Social Justice

by Noelle Witherspoon-Arnold, Melanie C. Brooks, Bruce Makoto Arnold (Eds.)
reviewed by Terah T. Chambers & Darrius A. Stanley


Mentoring African American Males: A Research Design Comparison Perspective

by William Ross (Ed.)
reviewed by Joanne Marciano


Conscientization and the Cultivation of Conscience

by Keqi Liu
reviewed by Douglas Yacek & Philip L. Smith


Education and Gender

by Debotri Dhar, Colin Brock (Eds.)
reviewed by Nancy S. Niemi


The States of Child Care: Building a Better System

by Sara Gable
reviewed by Jeanne Marie Iorio

Education researcher Curt Adams discusses his co-authored article, Self-Regulatory Climate: A Social Resource for Student Regulation and Achievement. Watch and discuss this episode of The Voice on Vialogues.


Public Single-Sex Schools: What Oprah Knew

by Rosemary C. Salomone
The U.S. Department of Education recently dismissed a complaint filed 20 years ago by civil liberties groups against the Young Women's Leadership School in East Harlem. This commentary recalls the school's first graduation where Oprah Winfrey as the commencement speaker affirmed the merits of this school and implicitly similar all-girls' schools for disadvantaged students.

Announcing Teachers College Record Yearbooks

by Gary Natriello
Teachers College Record subscriptions will now include two yearbooks in each calendar year.

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