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Mathematics Course Placement Using Holistic Measures: Possibilities for Community College Students

by Federick Ngo, W. Edward Chi & Elizabeth So Yun Park
This study investigates possibilities for placing community college students in mathematics courses using a holistic set of measures beyond placement tests. These include academic background measures such as high school grades and math courses taken and noncognitive indicators of motivation, time use, and social support.
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Disability in the Family: John and Alice Dewey Raising Their Son, Sabino

by Scot Danforth
This historical analysis examines the parenting experiences of John Dewey and his wife Alice as they raised their son, Sabino, an adopted child with a physical disability. The paper illuminates the medical and political challenges confronted by the family and concludes with an initial exploration of how this experience might have influenced Dewey’s political thought and action.
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Book Reviews

Supporting Newcomer Students: Advocacy and Instruction for English Learners

by Katharine D. Samway, Lucinda Pease-Alvarez, & Laura Alvarez
reviewed by Cristin J. Lasser


Teach Smarter: Efficient and Effective Strategies for Early Career Teachers

by Adam Riches
reviewed by Serena Hicks


From Exploitation Back to Empowerment: Black Male Holistic (Under)Development Through Sport and (Mis)Education

by Joseph N. Cooper
reviewed by Bre Evans-Santiago


Education researcher Joan Goodman discusses her article, What to do about Children’s Desires. Watch and discuss this episode on Vialogues.

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Addressing Teacher Mental Health during the COVID-19 Pandemic
by Jennifer Greif Green & Elizabeth Bettini
When teachers return to work in the fall, the schools they reenter will look quite different from the schools they left behind in March. Schools are anticipating substantially increased demand to support student mental health, as many will return to school having experienced loss and grief, months of social isolation, and heightened rates of familial violence and poverty (Galea et al., 2020). To meet the needs of these youth, it will be crucial to support the mental health and wellness of teachers and school staff who provide their care.
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