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Negotiating the Boundaries of Parental School Engagement: The Role of Social Space and Symbolic Capital in Urban Teachers’ Perspectives

by Tina M. Durand & Margaret Secakusuma
This article examines classroom teachers’ perspectives on their role in engaging diverse parents, and their contradictory positioning in facilitating more egalitarian partnerships with families in the climate of high-stakes accountability within urban public schools.
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How Did That Happen? Teachers’ Explanations for Low Test Scores

by Margaret Evans, Rebecca M. Teasdale, Nora Gannon-Slater, Priya G. La Londe , Hope L. Crenshaw, Jennifer C. Greene & Thomas A. Schwandt
To investigate if and how teachers connect student performance data to their instruction, researchers observed teams of 3rd-5th grade teachers, to make meaning of student performance data.
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Book Reviews

Power to the Transfer: Critical Race Theory and a Transfer Receptive Culture

by Dimpal Jain, Santiago N. Bernal Melendez, and Alfred R. Herrera
reviewed by Saskias Casanova & Valeria Alonso Blanco


Higher Education Policy Analysis Using Quantitative Techniques: Data, Methods and Presentation

by Marvin Titus
reviewed by Gloria Crisp & Michelle Bump


Teacher Diversity and Student Success: Why Racial Representation Matters in the Classroom

by Seth Gershenson, Micheal Hansen, and Constance Lindsay
reviewed by Cherrel Miller Dyce


Lean Semesters: How Higher Education Reproduces Inequity

by Sekile M. Nzinga
reviewed by Nichole Ray


Education researchers Judith Touré and Dana Thompson Dorsey discuss their co-authored TC Record article. Watch and discuss this episode on Vialogues.

Publishing in TCR
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Envisioning the Future of TCR

by Michelle G. Knight-Manuel
Leveraging the strengths of the journal, welcoming more inclusivity, and enhancing their digital presence animates new directions for engaging the broader national and international educational community in service of the public good.
Millions of Dollars Are Earmarked for Expanding Full-Service Community Schools: Here Are Three Ways to Use It
by Mavis G. Sanders & Claudia Galindo
As a comprehensive school reform strategy designed to meet the complex needs of students in underserved communities, full-service community schools (FSCSs) have the potential to transform these students’ learning experiences and outcomes. In part because of findings demonstrating their positive impact, unprecedented federal, state, and local funding is earmarked for the expansion and implementation of FSCSs. School, district, and state leaders and policy makers will have to decide how to best use these funds to maximize outcomes for students and families. This commentary describes three spending priorities based on the growing body of research on FSCSs.
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