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Micropolitical and Identity Challenges Influencing New Faculty Participation in Teacher Education Reform: When Will We Learn?

by Diane Yendol-Hoppey, David Hoppey, Aimee Morewood, Sharon B. Hayes & Meadow Sherrill Graham
Teacher education faculty face increasing pressure to simultaneously strengthen and reform teacher education programs while maintaining research productivity. The demands placed on teacher education programs to increase relevancy by strengthening clinical components of teacher preparation has once again reached the fore. The energy for this reform often rests on the shoulders of tenure earning faculty who have developed as engaged scholars during their doctoral preparation and wish to continue this work as they enter the professoriate. This qualitative study describes six challenges faced by new faculty who assume leadership in clinically rich teacher education reform and identifies faculty identity and micropolitical concerns as central to navigating challenges. A most important implication drawn from this study is that doctoral programs are now preparing new faculty who embrace clinically rich teacher preparation but do not receive adequate support as they enter academia. In the end, our newest faculty are quickly socialized away from clinical aspects of teacher education. After reviewing each of these persisting challenges, we discuss two assertions that must be resolved by university, college, and department leadership as well as tenured colleagues if we wish to support new faculty involvement in developing clinically rich teacher education reform.
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Finding the Balance Between Process and Product Through Perceptual Lesson Planning

by P. Bruce Uhrmacher, Bradley M. Conrad & Christy M. Moroye
This paper examines the lesson planning process, a neglected area of study, and puts forward a perceptual or arts-based approach that focuses on the engaged experience of the teacher.
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Book Reviews

The Rhizome of Blackness: A Critical Ethnography of Hip-Hop Culture, Language, Identity, and the Politics of Becoming

by Awad Ibrahim
reviewed by Elizabeth Simmons


English Learner Instruction Through Collaboration and Inquiry in Teacher Education

by James F. Nagle (Ed.)
reviewed by Heidi L. Hallman


Computer Games for Learning: An Evidence-Based Approach

by Richard E. Mayer
reviewed by Jenny S. Wakefield & Lin Lin


Hire Better Teachers Now: Using the Science of Selection to Find the Best Teachers for Your School

by Dale S. Rose, Andrew English, & Treena Gillespie Finney
reviewed by Amy M. Roberts & Jennifer LoCasale-Crouch


"When Race Breaks Out": Conversations About Race and Racism in College Classrooms

by Helen Fox
reviewed by Cleveland Hayes

Education researcher Whitney Johnson discusses her co-authored Teachers College Record article, Teaching with Speeches: A Black Teacher Who Uses the Mathematics Classroom to Prepare Students for Life Watch and discuss this episode of The Voice on Vialogues.


In Re Lamento: An Honest But Unfortunate Debtor Is Entitled To Sleep At Night Without Worrying About Unpayable Student-Loan Debt

by Richard Fossey & Robert C. Cloud
Over creditors' objections, a bankruptcy court in Ohio discharged the student-loan debt of a single mother of two who was living below the poverty level.

Annual Yearbooks for 2015

by Gary Natriello
The editors of the Teachers College Record are pleased to announce the Annual Yearbooks for 2015.

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