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Getting to Scale With Moral Education: The Demands of Reproducibility and the Case of the Chicago Manual Training School, 1884–1904

by Jane McCamant
This article uses a historical case study to consider the susceptibility to “scale-up” of education reforms that seek primarily to teach character or disposition.
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The Role of Teacher Educators’ Personal Histories and Motivations in Shaping Opportunities to Learn About Social Justice

by Mike Metz
In this comparative case study, the author examines how teacher educators’ personal histories shape opportunities to learn about social justice in teacher education courses. The study expands the way teacher educators are considered in research on teacher education, and highlights the importance of looking beyond course descriptions and course syllabi for evidence of what gets taught in teacher education courses.
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Book Reviews

Diversity, Transformative Knowledge, and Civic Education: Selected Essays

by James A. Banks
reviewed by Tamara L. Shreiner


How to Think like Shakespeare: Lessons from a Renaissance Education

by Scott Newstok
reviewed by Melissa Johnson


City Schools and the American Dream 2: The Enduring Promise of Public Education

by Pedro A. Noguera & Esa Syeed
reviewed by Tara M. Brown


Each and Every Child: Teaching Preschool with an Equity Lens

by Susan Friedman & Alissa Mwenelupembe
reviewed by Sophia Han


Education researcher Sabina E. Vaught discusses her TC Record article, Vanishment: Girls, Punishment, and the Education State. Watch and discuss this episode on Vialogues.

Publishing in TCR
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Envisioning the Future of TCR

by Michelle G. Knight-Manuel
Leveraging the strengths of the journal, welcoming more inclusivity, and enhancing their digital presence animates new directions for engaging the broader national and international educational community in service of the public good.
Rethinking Expertise: Incorporating Emdin’s Cogen into Practice
by Angela Kraemer-Holland
Dominant political and economic discourses perpetuate alleged “truths” that govern our vocabularies, values, social practices, and how we understand our world (Abowitz & Harnish, 2006; Foucault, 1980). Many of these truths have jeopardized public values and collective solidarity in favor of exploitation and individualism (Baildon & Damico, 2019; Giroux, 2013). These sentiments have seeped into education, narrowing how we understand and measure teaching and learning.
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