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Does Attending a Low-Achieving School Affect High-Performing Student Outcomes?

by Eric Parsons
This paper follows a cohort of initially high-performing Missouri students from grades 3 through 9 and examines whether attending a low-achieving school impacts their subsequent standardized exam scores and final grades.
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Exploring How Institutional Structures and Practices Influence English Learners’ Opportunity to Learn Social Studies

by Tina L. Heafner & Michelle Plaisance
This qualitative study explores how institutional structures and practices influence the opportunity to learn social studies for English learners.
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Book Reviews

Across the Domains: Examining Best Practices in Mentoring Public School Educators Throughout the Professional Journey

by Andrea M. Kent & André M. Green (Eds.)
reviewed by Sheri Williams & Joseph H. DeBonis


Real-Time Student Assessment: Meeting the Imperative for Improved Time to Degree, Closing the Opportunity Gap, and Assuring Student Competence for 21st Century Needs

by Peggy L. Maki
reviewed by Vincent Genareo


Justice on Both Sides: Transforming Education Through Restorative Justice

by Maisha T. Winn
reviewed by Darius O. Johnson & Dorinda J. Carter Andrews


Facilitating Change Through Intergroup Dialogue: Social Justice Advocacy in Practice

by Kristie A. Ford
reviewed by Peter Kuriloff


Foundations of Adult and Continuing Education

by Jovita M. Ross-Gordon, Amy D. Rose, & Carol E. Kasworm
reviewed by Alan Mandell & Shantih Clemans


Education researchers Angela Calabrese Barton and Edna Tan discusse their co-authored article, The Makerspace Movement: Sites of Possibilities for Equitable Opportunities to Engage Underrepresented Youth in STEM. Watch and discuss this episode of The Voice on Vialogues.


Which Piper to Pay? When Technology-Enabled Personalization and Accountability Regimes Collide

by Douglas D. Ready, Iris Daruwala & Shani Bretas
In this commentary, authors situate the relatively new wave of technology-enabled personalized learning platforms within the broader context of institutional accountability.

TCR Yearbooks - Call for Proposals

by Gary Natriello
The editors of the Teachers College Record announce a call for proposals for future TCR Yearbooks.

Engaging Youth in School (Kindle Book)

by Gary Natriello
This issue of the Teachers College Record Yearbook focuses on conceptualizations of engagement, the processes of engagement, portraits of engaging learning environments, and whole-school approaches to education.

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