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The Effectiveness of Online and Blended Learning: A Meta-Analysis of the Empirical Literature

by Barbara Means, Yukie Toyama, Robert F. Murphy & Marianne Baki
This meta-analysis of the online learning literature includes 50 independent effects from controlled studies that contrasted either purely online or a blend of online and face-to-face instruction with a condition in which all instruction was conducted face-to-face. The meta-analysis found that on average, learners experiencing blends of online and face-to-face instruction learned modestly more than those whose instruction was entirely face-to-face.
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The Challenge of Writing Remediation: Can Composition Research Inform Higher Education Policy?

by Stefani R. Relles & William G. Tierney
This article presents a review of research relevant to postsecondary writing remediation. The purpose of the review is to assess empirical support for policy aimed at improving the degree completion rates of students who arrive at tertiary settings underprepared to write.
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Book Reviews

(Im)migrations, Relations, and Identities: Negotiating Cultural Memory, Diaspora, and African

by Chinwe L. Ezueh Okpalaoka
reviewed by Kathleen Corley


Schooling in the Age of Austerity: Urban Education and the Struggle for Democratic Life

by Alexander J. Means
reviewed by Robert O. Slater


International Handbook of Research on Environmental Education

by Robert B. Stevenson, Michael Brody, Justin Dillon, & Arjen E.J. Wals (Eds.)
reviewed by Susan Stocklmayer


What Schools Teach Us about Religious Life

by Daniel R. Heischman
reviewed by Andrew T. Arroyo


Principal 2.0: Technology and Educational Leadership

by Matthew Militello & Jennifer Friend (Eds)
reviewed by Sally J. Zepeda & Atakan Ata

This week education researcher Spyros Konstantopoulos discusses his co-authored paper, Class Size Effects on Reading Achievement Using PIRLS Data: Evidence from Greece. Watch and discuss this episode of The Voice on Vialogues.

The Endless Search for Silver Bullets

by Iris C. Rotberg
The controversy over the Common Core is the most recent diversion from addressing the basic problems that contribute to the achievement gap between low- and high-income students. In the past decade, the focus has been on charter schools and testing. An enormous amount of time has been spent on promoting, implementing, and debating these initiatives in the hope that they would somehow narrow the achievement gap, even while poverty persisted and income and wealth gaps increased. These policies, which began with high—perhaps, more accurately, unrealistic—expectations, turned out to be irrelevant to narrowing the gap and, in some cases, reduced rather than expanded opportunities for low-income students. This commentary describes the futility of continuing to rely on “solutions” that do not address the underlying problems, serve only to detract attention from the far more fundamental changes that are needed, and risk increasing current inequities.

Annual Yearbooks for 2014

by Gary Natriello
The editors of the Teachers College Record are pleased to announce the Annual Yearbooks for 2014.

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