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What Mathematics Education Might Learn from the Work of Well-Respected African American Mathematics Teachers in Urban Schools

by Daniel Chazan, Andrew Brantlinger, Lawrence M. Clark & Ann R. Edwards
This article outlines the research questions that organize the two cases that are at the heart of this special issue, introduces the theoretical perspectives behind the project from which the cases are drawn, and describes the selection procedures for the data corpus from which the articles in the issue were developed. It also explains the interrelationships among the six pieces in the issue. In doing so, the article problematizes contemporary discourse about urban education and presents an argument for what might be learned from the practices of well-respected African American teachers of high school mathematics in large, nonselective urban schools.
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Tying Early Childhood Education More Closely to Schooling: Promise, Perils and Practical Problems

by Robert Halpern
In this article, the author explores the implications of the trend toward linking early childhood education more closely to schooling. He uses the example of “prek-3rd” to point out both positive and problematic aspects of this trend.
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Book Reviews

Learning for Leadership: Developmental Strategies for Building Capacity in Our Schools

by Eleanor Drago-Severson, Jessica Blum-DeStefano, & Anila Asghar
reviewed by Thomas Beatty & Autumn Cyprès


The Redesign of Urban School Systems: Case Studies in District Governance

by Donald R. McAdams & Dan Katzir
reviewed by Jeffrey Brooks


Migrants and Refugees: Equitable Education for Displaced Populations

by Elinor L. Brown & Anna Krasteva (Eds.)
reviewed by Melanie C. Brooks


Research on the Influences of Educational Policy on Teaching and Learning

by Cynthia Sunal & Kagendo Mutua (Eds.)
reviewed by Eric C. C. Sheffield


Struggling Readers Can Succeed: Targeted Solutions Based on Complex Views of Real Kids in Classrooms and Communities

by Nina L. Nilsson & Sandra E. Gandy (Eds.)
reviewed by Virginia Goatley & Cheryl Dozier

This week education researcher Bob Ream discusses his co-authored paper, Trust Matters: Distinction and Diversity in Undergraduate Science Education. Watch and discuss this episode of The Voice on Vialogues.

Common Core and Teacher Professionalism: The Case of Cursive Instruction

by Ted Purinton
Recent debates about the demise of cursive instruction demonstrate the disconnect between the educational policy and the profession of teaching.

Annual Yearbooks for 2014

by Gary Natriello
The editors of the Teachers College Record are pleased to announce the Annual Yearbooks for 2014.

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