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Deciding About College: How Soon Is Soon Enough?

by Jeffrey Harding, Maggie C. Parker & Robert K. Toutkoushian
This article provides secondary statistical analysis of data from New Hampshire regarding the timing of information and decision-making in the college choice process.
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Tomorrow’s EdTech Today: Establishing a Learning Platform as a Collaborative Research Tool for Sound Science

by Korinn S. Ostrow, Neil T. Heffernan & Joseph Jay Williams
This article defines how educational technologies can be leveraged for use in collaborative research environments by highlighting the research revolution of ASSISTments, a popular online learning platform, and by outlining the many benefits made possible through educational research at scale.
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Book Reviews

Understanding the Latinx Experience: Developmental and Contextual Influences

by Vasti Torres, Ebelia Hernández, & Sylvia Martinez
reviewed by María Teresa de la Piedra & Blanca Araujo


Fulfilling the Promise: Reimagining School Counseling to Advance Student Success

by Mandy Savitz-Romer
reviewed by Pat McDonough & Abigail K. Bates


Community-Based Language Learning: A Framework for Educators

by Joan Clifford & Deborah S. Reisinger
reviewed by Ricardo González-Carriedo & Nichelle DeVaughn


Where Teachers Thrive: Organizing School for Success

by Susan Moore Johnson
reviewed by Mari E. Koerner


Preparing Teachers to Educate Whole Students: An International Comparative Study

by Fernando M. Reimers & Connie K. Chung
reviewed by Sofia-Eleftheria N. Gonida & Stuart A. Karabenick


Education researcher Ebony O. McGee discusses her co-authored article “I Know I Have to Work Twice as Hard and Hope That Makes Me Good Enough”: Exploring the Stress and Strain of Black Doctoral Students in Engineering and Computing. Watch and discuss this episode on Vialogues.


Taxpayer Dollars and Discrimination in Employment: Educators in Private Religious Schools Beware

by Suzanne Eckes & Julie F. Mead
The authors of this commentary raise questions from an educational policy perspective about discrimination against educators in private religious schools.

Editorial Transition

by Gary Natriello
TCR announces the end of the current editors' term.

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