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Google Docs in the Classroom: A District-Wide Case Study

by Soobin Yim, Mark Warschauer & Binbin Zheng
This case study attempts to understand the contemporary challenges of implementing the collaborative web-based tool and its accompanying opportunities, as well as the contextual factors for its implementation within the district.
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The Political Dynamics of District Reform: The Form and Fate of the Los Angeles Public School Choice Initiative

by Julie A. Marsh
This article uses a case study of the Los Angeles Public School Choice Initiative (PSCI) to demonstrate how the political dynamics of complementary and competing policy issues in the same local arena affected the form and fate of a district reform.
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Book Reviews

Selling School: The Marketing of Public Education

by Catherine DiMartino & Sarah Butler Jessen
reviewed by Mark Hlavacik


Positive School Leadership: Building Capacity and Strengthening Relationships

by Joseph F. Murphy & Karen Seashore Louis
reviewed by Jennifer K. Clayton


Useful Assessment and Evaluation in Language Education

by John McE. Davis, John M. Norris, Margaret E. Malone, Todd H. McKay, & Young-A Son (Eds.)
reviewed by Catherine Ritz


Visions from Professional Development School Partners: Connecting Professional Development and Clinical Practice

by Merilyn Buchanan & Michael Cosenza (Eds.)
reviewed by Ashley Cartun & Maria Ruiz-Martinez


Hands On, Minds On: How Executive Function, Motor, and Spatial Skills Foster School Readiness

by Claire E. Cameron
reviewed by Ilene S. Schwartz & Elizabeth Kelly


Education researcher Curt Adams discusses his co-authored article, Toward a Positive Explanation of Student Differences in Reading Growth. Watch and discuss this episode of The Voice on Vialogues.


Teaching Social Justice in the Trump Era

by Robin Moten
This commentary examines how a high school English teacher approaches teaching a course, the very title of which connotes political bias, and discusses the importance of facilitating authentic conversations.

TCR Yearbooks - Call for Proposals

by Gary Natriello
The editors of the Teachers College Record announce a call for proposals for future TCR Yearbooks.

Engaging Youth in School (Kindle Book)

by Gary Natriello
This issue of the Teachers College Record Yearbook focuses on conceptualizations of engagement, the processes of engagement, portraits of engaging learning environments, and whole-school approaches to education.

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