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Rethinking Discussions of Justice in Educational Research: Formative Justice, Educational Liberalism, and Beyond

by Winston C. Thompson
Educational research tends to borrow accounts of justice from scholarship embedded within the structures and commitments of other disciplines or fields of study. This article suggests a potentially desirable break from that pattern and employs Robbie McClintock’s work on formative justice towards articulating an account of justice that is primarily sensitive to the educational dimensions of its focus. Thompson argues that this account of the conceptual category serves as an entry point into posing distinctly educational questions in research and practice.
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Human Motivation in the Digital Commons: Reflections on Robbie McClintock’s Conception of Formative Justice

by Darryl De Marzio & Timothy Ignaffo
Following McClintock’s suggestion that formative justice operates as a strategy for selecting those human potentials that are deserving of educational attention, this paper explores the role of value and human motivation in such a strategy and how formative justice becomes utilized in the creation and appropriation of commons-based digital resources.
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Book Reviews

Systems for Instructional Improvement: Creating Coherence from the Classroom to the District Office

by Paul Cobb, Kara Jackson, Erin Henrick, Thomas M. Smith, Michael Sorum, & the MIST Team
reviewed by Joy Esboldt & Travis J. Bristol


Test Fairness in the New Generation of Large-Scale Assessment

by Hong Jiao & Robert W. Lissitz (Eds.)
reviewed by Hongli Li & Jacquelyn Bialo


Secondary English Teacher Education in the United States

by Donna L. Pasternak, Samantha Caughlan, Heidi L. Hallman, Laura Renzi, & Leslie S. Rush
reviewed by Rebecca Flores & Ashley Cartun


Specialized Schools for High-Ability Learners

by Bronwyn MacFarlane (Ed.)
reviewed by Joyce Juntune


Guiding Principles for the New Early Childhood Professional: Building on Strength and Competence

by Valora Washington & Brenda Gadson
reviewed by Su-Jeong Wee


Education researcher Kyunghwa Lee discusses her article, Making the Body Ready for School: ADHD and Early Schooling in the Era of Accountability. Watch and discuss this episode of The Voice on Vialogues.


Training Social Studies Teachers, but Ignoring Religion?: An Occasion to Rethink Civic Competence

by Brett Bertucio & Benjamin Marcus
The authors of this commentary argue that religious literacy should be considered an essential part of social studies curricula, enabling students to better understand many issues in contemporary culture.

TCR Yearbooks - Call for Proposals

by Gary Natriello
The editors of the Teachers College Record announce a call for proposals for future TCR Yearbooks.

Engaging Youth in School (Kindle Book)

by Gary Natriello
This issue of the Teachers College Record Yearbook focuses on conceptualizations of engagement, the processes of engagement, portraits of engaging learning environments, and whole-school approaches to education.

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