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The Development of Capacity for Data Use: The Role of Teacher Networks in an Elementary School

by Elizabeth Farley-Ripple & Joan Buttram
This paper explores the development of data use capacity in an elementary school through a social network approach. Findings reveal that data use networks are influenced by the larger professional structure of the school and may be productive in developing shared practices. This study illustrates several ways in which this approach can be valuable in understanding individual and school capacity for data use.
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Factors Influencing the Functioning of Data Teams

by Kim Schildkamp & Cindy Poortman
This study focuses on the factors influencing a professional development intervention for data-based decision making: the data team procedure. In this article, authors discuss how data characteristics (e.g., access to data), school organizational characteristics (e.g., shared goal), and individual/team characteristics (e.g., pedagogical content knowledge) influence the use of data in data teams, and how these factors are interrelated.
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Book Reviews

The Politics of Performance Funding for Higher Education: Origins, Discontinuations, and Transformations

by Kevin J. Dougherty and Rebecca S. Natow
reviewed by Christine A. Nelson & Shannon L. Lopez


Data Literacy for Educators: Making it Count in Teacher Preparation and Practice

by Ellen B. Mandinach & Edith S. Gummer
reviewed by Kara Mitchell Viesca


Lesson Plan: An Agenda for Change in American Higher Education

by William G. Bowen & Michael S. McPherson
reviewed by Sweeney Windchief


Knowledge and the Future School: Curriculum and Social Justice

by Michael Young, David Lambert, Carolyn Roberts, & Martin Roberts
reviewed by Wanda Watson


The Career Trajectories of English Language Teachers

by Penny Haworth & Cheryl Craig (Eds.)
reviewed by Megan Madigan Peercy & Tabitha Kidwell

Education researcher Srikala Naraian discusses her article, Spatializing Student Learning to Reimagine the “Place” of Inclusion. Watch and discuss this episode of The Voice on Vialogues.


Bullying Students Who Are Muslim: How Can Teacher Educators Intervene?

by Saoussan Maarouf & Joseph R. Jones
This commentary discusses the problem of bullying as it relates to Muslim students. The authors posit that teacher education programs can impact how Muslim students are treated in schools. In doing so, they provide practical avenues teacher educators can use to prepare pre-service teachers to address the problem.

TCR Yearbooks - Call for Proposals

by Gary Natriello
The editors of the Teachers College Record announce a call for proposals for future TCR Yearbooks.

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