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The Impact of the Learning Environment on Student Engagement in High School Classrooms

by David J. Shernoff, Stephen M. Tonks & Brett Anderson
This chapter presents a study that investigated characteristics of the learning environment predicting for student engagement in public high school classrooms. Students in seven high school classrooms in five different subject areas were observed and videoed in order to predict their engagement as measured by the experience sampling method (ESM).
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Balancing Skills and Challenges: Exploring the Concept of Relational Engagement in Combined Group and One-On-One Mentoring for Adolescent Girls

by Ellen S. Markowitz, Nancy L. Deutsch & Edith "Winx" Lawrence
This study explored engagement in interpersonal relationships within the context of combined group and one-on-one mentoring.
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Book Reviews

Closing the Education Achievement Gaps for African American Males

by Theodore S. Ransaw and Richard Majors
reviewed by Anindya Kundu


Education and NGOs

by Lorraine Pe Symaco
reviewed by D. Brent Edwards, Jr. & Stephanie M. Hall


Teacher Evaluation: The Charge and the Challenges

by Kate E. O’Hara
reviewed by Peter Youngs & Hannah Mathews


Disrupting Early Childhood Education Research

by Will Parnell & Jeanne Marie Iorio
reviewed by Stephanie Burdick-Shepherd


Liberating Leadership Capacity: Pathways to Educational Wisdom

by Linda Lambert, Diane P. Zimmerman, & Mary E. Gardner
reviewed by Hollie J. Mackey

Education researcher Chuck Munter discusses his co-authored article, Dialogic and Direct Instruction: Two Distinct Models of Mathematics Instruction and the Debate(s) Surrounding Them. Watch and discuss this episode of The Voice on Vialogues.


Acknowledging the Local Reach of Global Digital Courses

by Billie Gastic & Daniel Konecky
In this commentary, we share what we learned from the experience of having our massive open online course (MOOC) made into a blended course by learners across the globe.

Announcing Teachers College Record Yearbooks

by Gary Natriello
Teachers College Record subscriptions will now include two yearbooks in each calendar year.

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